1537 vs. Exile On Main Street: The Full Unabridged, Unexpurgated Review


Rolling Stones Exile On 01Rolling Stones Exile On 02

Rolling Stones Exile On 03Rolling Stones Exile On 05Rolling Stones Exile On 06866 Down (in the south of France).

38 thoughts on “1537 vs. Exile On Main Street: The Full Unabridged, Unexpurgated Review

  1. Wonderful… just wonderful. Red eyes… headless… smoking… chilled… loose… busy… marvellous. There’s a point when listening to this album that I think exactly that.

    1. Top of the class J! Too much to write properly about this one and not enough skill to do it.

      I enjoyed giving Joan Crawford devil eyes too.

  2. I am not sure what to make of it, but if those pictures mean you consider it to be the best rock and roll album of all time than I agree. =P

  3. Considered thoughtful analysis of a record that has long suffered by it’s too squeaky clean production and the wholesome image of the musicians. Finally a reviewer has gone below the surface to see the struggle beneath, Bravo sir Bravo and many thanks.

      1. It is heartening to see a blogger go beneath the perfect surface to discover the depth of pain as before unheard in the record.

    1. How dare you. I spend hours and hours of careful thought and planning before cranking this stuff out.

      I am actually going on holiday quite near to where this was recorded next month.

    1. I know Bruce, I know but this is such an important LP for me that I wanted to do it justice in my own way. I do appreciate that not everyone wants to read six paragraphs about ‘Turd On The Run’ though.

      1. (sighs in a lofty, rather patronising manner)

        I went for a comparison of the standard and deluxe editions, despite my scepticism about some of the details in the remastering. I also implied that I was happy with some of the new bonus content, although there wasn’t quite enough on show to justify the price. You just need to read between the lines a bit.

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