À La Recherche Du Tits Perdu

Memory, sweet memory.  How to capture the sensation, the process, the feel of memory has always been one of the great challenges of all branches of art.  Marcel Proust famously spent his life wrestling the past onto the page in uncompromising detail.  Sadly for Marcel, handy with a pen he might … Continue reading

1537 vs. 2019

Welcome freakoids, geekoids and cool kidoids to the annual 1537 awards.  Given that large tracts of the world are on fire; bigotry, unpleasantness, intolerance and discourtesy stalk our societies and the levers of power are, largely, in the hands of some of the least altruistic, monomaniacal, … Continue reading

That’s A Good Move

… That's a good move, That's a good move, Good move, That's a good move …  Hello? anybody out there up for listening to the best space-themed Italian glam rock LP ever made? of course you are*.  Welcome to Giuda E.V.A; released on Rise Above Records last year seemingly via a time machine from … Continue reading

Ripsaw Rock

'I'm Not A Sicko, There's A Plate In My Head' Very sadly, I don't have a plate in my head and so I just have to fess up to being a sicko.  Damn, outed myself again, mind you actually owning a copy of the Oblivians Never Enough does pretty much the same job. I was lulled into the fold through … Continue reading