Blasters Of Reality

I like a good old fashioned tribute LP and that's exactly what Earache Presents: Masters Of Misery* is, a bunch of bands on the, truly fearsome, Earache Records paying tribute to gods and progenitors of all that is/was/will ever be heavy.  Originally released in 1992 solely … Continue reading

Pure Nectar Of Antipathy

Good things come to those who wait, they say.  Not a bad way to describe Blue Öyster Cult's career arc, after 5 years scrabbling around as Soft White Underbelly and Oaxaca* they found themselves about to launch something unique into the world in January 1972**; Blue Öyster Cult. Heavy … Continue reading

Best Of The Quadrilumverate

Stevie Wonder Innervisions - music doesn't get a whole shitload better than this folks!* It really doesn't.  Having overcome Berry Gordy's musical conservatism at the end of the 60's Tamla Motown reluctantly embraced the swirling winds of social and musical change, allowing several … Continue reading

Naked Japanese Biker Dudes

The internet is replete with nifty ideas for combating hangovers, from the sensible to the faddy, from the sublime to the ridiculous.  And yet it is mysteriously silent about defeating the spiritual hangover that smites one after a great holiday; a far worse proposition if you ask … Continue reading