Scotland.  It’s big, there are mountains and lakes* up there, some crazy ass wildlife, lots of single track roads, heavy metal horses, men in those skirty things and wonderful quiet.  I know because I done went on my holidays there for a fortnight and saw absolutely shitloads of it.

First stop was Glasgow for two nights, a wonderful, thrustling metropolis which both of my kids fell in love with instantly and where they both now want to study.  I loved it too, partly for the art, architecture, ace fooderterias and shops, but mostly because I was able to secretly convene a summit of three of the most influential internet influencers on the planet.

Teenage Fanclub playing an outdoor gig in Kelvingrove Park

Meeting at the 13th Note on Wednesday night with no advanced publicity, to avoid the inevitable thong throngs of screaming teenage lovelies, myself, Resurrection Jim and HMO met up, got pretty pished and talked shite for hours; not that I was organised enough to take any photos, or anything useful to commemorate what was basically the G12 of blogging.  I can’t speak for the others** but I had a wonderfully entertaining time that I really want to repeat as soon as I can.  The fact that one of us fell asleep on the train home and almost ended up in England is a secret I will take to my grave with me^. 

Then we took off for the lumpy bumpy wet bits of the country, some of which I have known since I was a teenager and others which were new to me.  We trekked around, doing mountains, kayaking and suchlike and then ended up in a cottage on a loch in idyllic Shieldaig.  Sea eagles, stags, otters, seals, porpoises, starfish and a golden eagle all made cameos in our holiday too. 

More importantly than all the sightseeingy stuff I visited the fabulous Union Vinyl in Inverness adding these goodies to the clear vinyl copy of Terry Riley In C that I bought in Mono in Glasgow:  

Snuff: Snuff Said, Hawkwind: PXR5, Godz: Nothing Is Sacred, BÖC: Agents of Fortune

What a wonderful exciting, beautiful, friendly nation!  Ah well, back to reality today (3 sad face emojis followed by a dagger one, followed by an angry emoji, followed by beer emojis etc. etc.)

The view from our front door at Shieldaig. Moody, eh?

949 Down (still).

PS; Have I missed anything while I’ve been gone?

*the natives call them ‘lochs’, aren’t they just so cute and adorable?!

**mostly because they have those funny Scottish accents that I can’t even do an impression of.

^wild horses could not drag Jim’s name out of me at this point. No, my lips are sealed. 

36 thoughts on “1537 The Brave

  1. I thought that was you in Glasgow- you were in the chip shop queue, in front of me. Guess what? No deep-fried mars bars when it was my turn!
    I’ve just spent three weeks on Shetland Chasing Orca. Victoria’s tea rooms on Unst is very nice. Not sure there’s any record shops… perhaps somewhere for you to go into rehab?
    Like the Kelpies. They look great at night.

      1. Naaay, I also had a deep fried Brexit with a pickled King Arthur (supper) that’s with chips.
        Lovely place, where I shall be heading once Trump’s mini-me has turned England into slum. And only the Norwegians and Japanese (mostly) still put whales on their BBQ’s – big fuckers me thinks.

  2. What a thoroughly enjoyable holithing.
    I don’t know PXR5. It’s one of the late 70s, early 80s LPs I think? So more rock/punky/direct than the halcyon days of Space Ritual I imagine. Love that ‘In C’.
    But what I most envy is the chance to sink a few bevies and talk shite with some of the, er, locals. Cheers!

    1. Cheers Bruce, it was a real blast, much shite was talked (by me at least).

      PXR5 is a bit of a more straightforward Quark, so not as interesting but with a few very good moments on it too. It was good to find a copy with the incorrectly, dangerously, wired plug on the back – before it got censored.

      1. Gosh I love Rainbow. One of my more experimental posts (that usually don’t work). Still, the perfect blend of composed (or at least planned) Western Art Music and popular culture influences. If someone produced a rainbow coloured vinyl re-ish, I’d line up for that!

  3. Nice, you should have crashed HMO’s Scottish Saxon Shrine!
    Crusader Crusader Please Take Me With You…

    I’m with Bop!
    Keep the kids home means more vinyl in the 1537 Man Cave!

  4. So I take it you didn’t see the Lakeness Monster. Speaking as a parent with a daughter in University, you may at least want to try and plug your local school. Less money spent on accommodations is more money for vinyl.
    Nice vinyl haul. I have a couple of those, but.not that lovely clear vinyl.
    As for getting away from it all, and going back to nature with your family, I completely endorse this.
    Finally, it is awesome you 3 guys met up. I think the Richter scale must surely have been set off.

    P.S. Did you attend the Teenage Fanclub show?

    1. Cheers Bop, there’s no moving them, they just loved Glasgow. Ah well.

      We had no idea Teenage Fanclub were on until we got there. We listened to the last three tracks on our way back to our hotel, they sounded great and it was a lovely moment.

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