Music is a truly magical thing when you pause to consider it, the way it creates a fusion of melody and poetry is like nothing else; melding both together to create something even greater than either.  You do get to experience those rare moments of transcendent beauty every so often, something you play before waking as a better, wiser man, the morrow morn.  You need proof, mortal?  I call Lonely Kamel Shit City to the stand.

Do you want to get pissed?
Let’s go and get pissed.
At my favorite bar in town
I know you can’t resist.
Shit out of luck!
We’re shit out of luck!
The bars close way too soon!
Oh, man, we’re shit out of luck!

Shit city, shit city.
Shit city, shit city.

Who amongst who has lived, loved, laughed, laid and libated can fail to recognize those sentiments? although I am sure, like me, you have probably struggled to articulate your torment that well.  Better still Lonely Kamel come on like Motörhead desperate for a piss.  Then the song slows down and we get the noise of either

  1.  Someone drinking a copious libation to the Gods
  2.  The sound of a Norwegian stoner dude taking a lengthy slash against a wall
  3.  A beautiful, tinkling mountain stream.

Lonely Kamel Shit City 02 (2)

I’m going mostly 1 and 2 there for that one.  The Kamel* shift gear into a slower chugging but still angry mood for the rest of the song.  It rocks ass.

Do you wanna get high?
Now, do you wanna get high?
Everyone is high all the time
And no one will deny.
Do you wanna get stoned?
Come on and get stoned
We all know a place to go
Oh, God, I wanna get stoned

Lonely Kamel Shit City 01

Shit City may actually be my favourite Norwegian stoner metal LP of 2014 and I caution you, that is not an accolade that I care to throw around lightly in these parts.  The fact that I snagged one of a blue vinyl edition of 100 is, I admit, also a factor in my joy here.  That I bought this because of the sweary title and the silly band name** and it turned out so well is just the icing on the Kamel cake for me.

Lonely Kamel Shit City 04

You want groovy titles? they have groovy titles, my fave being ‘Seal The Perimeter’ and ‘I Feel Sick’.

You want photos of a bunch of stoned Norwegian dudes clowning around in a city square? of course you do, why wouldn’t you?! Check out the gatefold.

Lonely Kamel Shit City 03

You want a great, galloping cover of a song from a terrifically obscure British rock band? they cover ‘Nightjar’ by Necromandus, it is incredibly good too – hard rocking and nimble, just the way I like my proto-metal cover tunes.

You want a 7-minute classic rock tune?  check out ‘Falling Down’, which marries that dependable stoner chug with a good chorus and a very good vocal performance from Thomas Brenna.

Lonely Kamel Shit City 01a

Which is about all it offers^ and I mean that in a good way.  If you like good stoner rock, with occasional flashes of aggro around the fringes then Lonely Kamel are your men, if not then there’s nothing here to persuade the floating voter.  I have no doubt at all that Shit City would sound great being pumped out of a tricked-out van’s speaker system under a field of stars, which is the point of everything isn’t it?

Now let’s get pissed.

829 Down.

Lonely Kamel Shit City 06
I stashed these deliberations for the 1537 vs. 2014 awards inside, ‘came to mock, stayed 2 rock!’, as I put it.

*as we die-hard Kameltoenians call them.

**are there many Kamels, socially unfulfilled or otherwise, sweeping majestically across the plains of Norway?

^I’m ignoring the track ‘BFD’, which stands for ‘Big Fat Dolly’ and is a bit odd, albeit in a funky ZZ Top kinda way; it just doesn’t really fit here for me.

31 thoughts on “I Wander’d Lonely As A Kamel

  1. Oh man! Why don’t I have this!? Why haven’t I even heard of it!? This is the kinda stuff I need… and just 100 copies of this lovely vinyl? Oh Lordy!

    1. Sometimes it takes a bunch of hairy Norwegian stoners with Tourette’s syndrome and dubious recreational habits to articulate what you’re feeling.

    1. I know you do Bruce, it’s why I try to use her every so often.

      Lonely Kamel have an earlier song called ‘Don’t Piss On The Lizard’. Which strikes me as a courtesy.

  2. I’m going mostly number 1 and 2.

    That’s ok. I will just wait over here near this limited blue vinyl. I’ll be right out here when you finish up, and no that is not my waiting taxi out front. Must be a coincidence.

      1. If you hear the Mission Impossible theme at 3am it won’t be me grappling down to your vinyl collection.

        Also, on a side note. 1536 has a nice ring to it. Just sayin’

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