Surfeit of ‘Tude

Being drunk and weary I went to Molly’s chamber.
Takin’ my money with me and I never knew the danger.
For about six or maybe seven in walked Captain Farrell.
I jumped up, fired off my pistols and I shot him with both barrels.  

You have to love a song named from a line in a Thin Lizzy track-o, dontcha?  this is the best one I can think of, Kings of Leon Molly’s Chambers*.  I picked this one up as soon as it came out because I’d heard they were four hick brothers with a preacher dude for a dad and I liked the cherries on the cover.  I got lucky.

Kings of Leon Molly's Chambers 02 (2)

I just love the driving, rumbling, surly energy of Molly’s Chambers.  It’s thrillingly Neanderthal, nothing fancy, nothing complicated; proof again that you really don’t need all those fancy licks and tricks to cut a brilliant track, just a surfeit of ‘tude.  As befits a band as indecently young as Kings of Leon were, the lyrics mean sod all, a vague warning about one of those archetypal devious chicks.  We get a bit of nudity, some kneeling and Molly’s chambers seem to be the ones which house bullets.  That’s it, it really is far more than the sum of its’ parts.

Kings of Leon Molly's Chambers 04

The B-side is a slightly muddy energetic live version of ‘Holy Roller Novocaine’, which is just (makes straight line gesture with his manly hand, accompanied by ‘Meh’ face).  That pretty much sums up my feeling on Kings of Leon, I’ve never really seen the point in anything else they’ve done**, although I did briefly like that track that we had to tell my daughter was called ‘My Socks Are on Fire’.

Kings of Leon Molly's Chambers 01

‘Molly’s Chambers gonna change your mind’, well, no.  Nothing I’ve heard Kings of Leon do since rocks as hard, or as well, as ‘Molly’.  That’s all I got.

Kings of Leon Molly's Chambers 03 (2)

828 Down.

*the best one until I get my band together and we cut my magnum opus, ‘If That Chick Don’t Want To Know, Forget Her’.

**my opinion being based entirely on having a friend copy their first LP for me once and getting it stuck in my car CD player the second time I tried to play it, which cost me money.  So far more informed and scientifically calculated than 90% of my views then.

35 thoughts on “Surfeit of ‘Tude

  1. Right, here’s a band that used to be pretty darn good. Took me three albums to really like them. And then they released their fourth and I thought “fuck this shit”. Balls. That Sox Is On Fire is probably the worst song I’ve ever heard. What’s does it even mean?

    Anyhoo, aye, this is a good tune. The first two albums are great, third pretty good, and then they clearly watched U2 and thought “wait, those guys are “millionaires”. Shite.

    1. I can’t wait to have the chance to sell out for gazillions, personally. Fuck integrity and ‘Artistic struggles for authenticity’, bring on the dancing girls and limos.

      1. I look forward to telling everyone how much better you were back before you chased the mainstream. “He sold out”, I’ll say…

        … I hope the girls and limos help you sleep at night.

  2. Deaf as I am, I have spent a lifetime avoiding Thin Lizzy lyric sheets as I don’t want to find out that he isn’t singing “whack for my daddy”.
    I actually thought the whole of the first KOL album was fab but agree that thereafter they should be imprisoned.

  3. So many of us dads lied to their children, to protect their innocence, that there’s a whole section of the current generation who think that socks can magically and spontaneously combust. Just goes to show that the evangelicals are right. Rock music is evil. (And furthermore, Daniel Radcliffe is the anti-christ.)
    Haven’t the Kings of Leon gone back to making shine?

    1. It’s that George Michael fellawe hav to watch, with his unsavoury ‘I Want Your Socks’ – I’m quite a broad-minded chap, but some things are just beyond the pale! I shall write to my MP.

    1. Well Molly really worked hard this year, met all her service level agreements and got a very good annual appraisal-io. With the resulting bonus she was able to take a further mortgage on another chamber, which befits her status as a junior manager-io.

      It isn’t in the Thin Lizzy lyrics, but it is there if you read carefully between the lines. True story.

  4. I heard a lot of good stuff about this band. I seem to recall some friends playing some stuff that I enjoyed. Then they had that huge hit “Use Somebody” and I never really got into it.
    I haven’t heard much else about them since then.

  5. My buddy’s dad is a part-time folk singer. Years ago I went to visit my bud up north and we went downtown. There was a folk music fest going on and we walked up with gaping mouths and I said “Dude. Your dad’s playing Metallica.”

    As for this lot, I should maybe buy this and then I can stop calling them Queens of Neon.

    1. I heard Metallica stole it from your buddy’s dad, before a time-travelling Phil Lynott covered it in the past. It was proven by a scientist person, scientifically. True story.

    1. I’ve never really stopped, I like 12” singles and so much dance music I like is best heard/only available that way too.

      I still remember the excitement of buying my first one, Prince Sign o’ the Times. Happy days.

      1. Noted. If I see it in the wild, I shall consider it. Anyone inspired by Lizzy is A-OK in my books. You can’t pick a better band than Lizzy, I reckon. Were they not perfect?

      2. Jailbreak is a perfect LP, it would be even if it didn’y have any music on it at all – the cover is that good alone. ‘Running Back To You’ is a perfect pop song, just perfect.

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