Sorry, I’ve just not been around much lately. Sorry again devoted readership, I appreciate that I am the light of your life, your one true way and that I very probably complete you. I know, I know, I had you at ‘sorry’.

It’s a combination of too much real life – some of it great, some of it sad, and a sizable chunk is/was average and dully time-consuming, MF-ing PC problems on an epic scale*, actually sitting and properly listening to some of this music stuff I own and lots of rugby stuff going on.

So my youngest child is now 18 which basically means I’m jamming out with Methuselah these days, a situation I’m facing with all the grace and dignity you’d expect from someone with my breeding – basically I’m buying more band T-shirts, growing a moustache and cranking the MC5.

In other news I went to see Rival Sons play in Liverpool on Saturday night to a ravening crowd in great voice. They were, mostly excellent with a couple of dud song choices thrown in. Great, great voice that really stood up to the live test and some tracks that worked brilliantly live, but they are a band desperately in need of a bit more charisma I’m afraid, just something to take them onwards from their current level. Go see them, they are a very good night out indeed, without being a truly transcendent one.

Oh and I may have bought some wax recently:

Both brilliant – a band right back on form. Cannot wait to see them at the end of the month.
Can you believe my first TH albums? Remain In Light possibly best LP bought in 2019.
Excellent 80’s synth Lanegan (think Sisters of Mercy) and the last remaining Tom Waits LP I needed.

Plus there have been other vinyl added from Starcrawler, the Bombpops (thanks Zack!), Bjork, Muse and Roxy Music.

Suppose I better get off my skinny Welsh backside and get reviewing again.

961 Down (still)

*I rebuilt the fucker, new motherboard, hard drive and power supply all with these fair hands o’ mine. True story.

22 thoughts on “I Complete You, Probably

  1. That Wildhearts album is very good (don’t own it, but streamed it a few times). Not as good as the Lanegan Band LP, though… I’ve been listening to that daily since the release.

    1. They were really good, great in places, but just seemed to lack a little but of something extra. The tracks from Feral Roots were particularly good live.

    1. Briefly for November. But here’s the thing, as an elderly chap I found it greyed to either side of my lips BUT the middle bit was as dark as my hair ever was. The overall effect was, entirely unintentionally, very reichschancellor-y. True story.

      It had to go.

  2. It looks like you have been busy Joe! Rival Sons thats awesome. I love Scott Holidays Fuzz rock tone. He’s a beast on the 6 string.
    Glad your back up and running.
    Your Favorite Canuck!


    1. Definitely my fave Canuck! Well apart from Leslie Nielsen, maybe; I liked him.

      They were really good, the best sounding stuff came from Feral Roots – that material really shine live.

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