After some bone and nerve-shattering displays my beloved Wales hauled themselves into the Rugby World Cup semi-finals yesterday by sheer force of will and I thought I would resurrect an idea I had early last week where I would graphically depict every team in the quarter finals by an LP from their respective countries. 

Sadly my daughter was, rather selfishly, 18 this Friday and so it never quite came to pass.  So putting my randomly selected Scottish, French, Japanese and Australian representative albums away* I finally got my arse into gear before the idea was fully wasted. 

So semi-final one:

Much as I love the yowling priapic excitement of the Datsuns, I am hoping the Clash clampdown means they’ve been, umm, train-ing in vain.  Purely because I think we have a small chance of beating the Clash and none whatsoever against the datsuns.

So semi-final two:

I admire Dollar Brand’s back cover karate skillz immensely but I am hoping that the Manic Street Preachers confound his hugely physical jazz with some smartly political rock, or something – look, basically I’m getting metaphorically mazed here I just want Wales to kick South Africa’s collective arses.

Cymru am byth!

691 Down (still).

PS:  Sam Warburton, ex-Wales captain and 1537 man-crush, favourite track ever:

*Cosmic Dead, Air, Boris and Tracer, respectively.

23 thoughts on “Rugby World Cup Semi-Finals

  1. Very cool idea for a take and good job on the selections. I know how much you like the “Manic Street’ guys but I thought you would have dropped Tom Jones in there. Good choice on Dollar. What a great match-up that is. Good luck “We”.
    CB will be strapped in for every moment. Get the ice packs and needle and thread ready. It’s going to be a rough one. Nice tag with Sam’s favorite track.

      1. I was kind of waiting for you to surface. Not having a team I support I was rewarded with some fantastic rugby throughout the tourney and it was capped off by a great final with the Spring guys just digging in on the defense. The better team won on the day. England might have thought they won it beating NZ. They just ran out of gas. Your boys on a given day could have hoisted the cup. Can’t wait for the next bash! Time to listen to Mr Brand.
        I even turned on some of my frozen puck buddies. They’re still talking about it.

      2. Excellent. The goodwill the Canadian chaps sparked by helping to clean up the hurricane/tornado damage on the day their match was cancelled will live very long in the memory too.

        I love a good bit of defence.

      3. Our guys certainly didn’t play their best. They usually show way more tacking and push back. Yeah but they gained some humanitarian points (the best kind) at the end of the day. Proud of them.
        Those goal line stances by SA were the key. England must have been completely gut wrenched.
        One day you and I will get together and talk everything sport, music and foolishness. Later fella.

  2. Will your fans be taking pictures with the referee again, not saying anything dodgy was happening after all its is only a game for things played by gentleman, sheep farmers and brutes.

    I will be cheering for the Welsh boys as my ancestors were cruelly ripped from the Valleys by the lure of the sea.

    I also admire any sport that mikes up the referees for all to hear.

    I never knew I had so much to say on the subject.

    1. All hail the brutes! This is truly their age.

      What a wonderful, glorious final. I never realized you were such a rugby fanatic Neil.

      PS: I hear from a very good source that the new Hawkwind LP is excellent. Just saying.

    1. Thanks – if only I’d got off my backside and done it earlier in the tournament. I reckon I could do the African Cup of Nations next time that’s on in the football.

  3. Our Rugby is kinda wimpy. They wear pads and helmets and call it football. It is not as interesting as your Rugby! But for me, at least it makes more sense. I still haven’t figured out the rules yet in Rugby.

  4. C’mon Wales!!! I’ve put a tenner on them to win the tournament – england to have a massively bruising semi and we breeze past the boks… then crush the English in the final, that’s my prediction 😁

    1. Of course! What kinda father do you think I am?! It was an LP from an old kids’ show she used to listen to when she was little, Bagpuss.

      18, man ..

    1. I went to see us beat SA in the Autumn and England in the 6N this year. We seem to be missing a gear at the moment but what we have got is ridiculous levels of mental toughness.

      Personally, with the number of players we have I’m happy we got to the semis.

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