So, 42 days in, how many records from 2018 have you bought already?  I have four, a rate that I calculate if maintained will mean I hoover up approximately 2,940.48 new LPs from 2018 this year*.  What could possibly have caught your eye already, Master? I hear you call.  Well, I’m very pleased you asked me that:

Bunch of shiny B******s!


What a bloody great album!  A 28-minute long hard rocking, scuzzy, punky, bubble-gum explosion; think Black Sabbath (circa Sabotage) meets the Rezillos.  Some great songs (one of them very rude), an excellent 17 year-old guitarist, Henri Cash, a brilliant front woman who spits blood live, very good production by Ryan Adams and white vinyl – all adds up to a whole hell of brilliance.

The LimiñanasShadow People.

I had no idea this was coming out,  just stumbled across it in the mighty Probe Records when I needed cheering up.  I’m only on two spins but I have to say that the follow-up to the 1537 #1 LP of 2016 , hasn’t grabbed me hard so far.  Plenty of cool slathered all over this disque but the songs don’t seem quite as strong this time around the sun.

Moon Duo: Jukebox Babe/No Fun.

Picked up quite cheaply after I saw them the other week, I’m still not convinced by their version of the Stooges classic but they do Alan Vega damn well; I’ve had that track on repeat for days.  The fact this beastie has a great cover, is very limited and is on white vinyl only adds to its’ allure.

Fu Manchu:  Clone Of The Universe.

Only came yesterday on a blue/black smoky vinyl and because my parents were staying with us to celebrate my dad’s 70th, which rather selfishly, was this weekend I’ve only had the chance to blast this once.  The side long barn burner ‘Il Mostro Atomico’ is quite something and would be even if Alex Lifeson wasn’t adding his talents to it.  My favourite so far is the heavy as a planet title track.  Great stuff.

I have also taken the opportunity to pick up a few LPs that I read about, often for the first time ever, in your various end of year lists.  We all love the indulgence of producing these lists but for my part I do find them useful and I certainly have picked up some great recommendations from them over the years.  This time around I have fully activated metal mode and snagged:

Bunch of shiny B******s! … slight return.

Powertrip: Nightmare Logic.   An incredible thrash metal attack released on one of my favourite record labels.  I sincerely doubt that I will hear another new track as good as ‘The Executioner’s Tax (Swing Of The Axe)’ this year.  Power! A gazillionfold better than anything any of the Big 4 thrashers have released in years.  The fact I have a liking for clear vinyl bordering on sexual may also be relevant here.

Midnight:  Sweet Death & Ecstasy.   I am so scared by this festering nugget of filth that I haven’t dared to play it yet.  True story.  It haunts my sleep and I have contemplated isolating it between two gospel LPs I have to try and neutralize its’ evil vibes.

Necromancers: Servants Of The Salem Girl.

What a great find! Really classy classic doomy old-school rock, atmospheric and evocative too.  I broke the trusty old air guitar out a couple of times too.  Definitely an LP that will sound twice as good listened to by candlelight, I intend to conduct that experiment next week.

So thank you one and all for the suggestions, plenty more have been added to my want lists too.  And now, if you’ll excuse me I have an appointment with the executioner.

830 Down (still).

PS: a clue to where I’m going next.  I stumbled across this yesterday, it was clearly an omen.

*note to self: check maths before publishing.

37 thoughts on “State Of The One Eight

  1. Oh! Records! You are on the pulse, my friend! I have only one from this year and one arriving on Friday… I have also bought another 4 albums, but their older releases that I just couldn’t resist (even though I own all 4 of them on… *cough* another format).

    Anyhoo, new records! Lots of ‘em! That Starcrawler album is high on my list, as is Fu Manchu (only learned about that this weekend)… and I still need to listen to yon Liminanas, even though I know I’d dig them.

    … also, Necromancers is a delight.

  2. That starcrawler sounds particularly promising – and the executioner’s tax is easily a contender for top track name of the year, encouraging to read the song is equally memorable!

  3. First to answer your question: zero. However, I have two new albums on pre-order, due to arrive in March. Everything else has been reissues thus far.

    Second, that Starcrawler is a hellavalotta fun. Also, I just gave the Liminanas disc a stream earlier today and really loved it. Though, truth be told, it’s my first exposure to the group. Being that their previous was your fave of 2016, I’m guessing you’d recommend it.

    1. Totally recommend Malamore. I’ll give the new one a bunch of spins to, its unfair to judge it on one commute to work.

      Starcrawler are excellent – I can’t believe how young they are.

    1. Also, surely Wales must be the new location record companies release their vinyl.
      We have yet to see the new Fu over here which is causing me to mumble and drool
      so much the local animal control people assume I have rabies.

      1. That’s an odd one isn’t it? I just found the distributor and put in a pre-order. Any what appeal could a record with that Lifeson fella possibly have in Canada?

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