What a piece of work is a man 1537! How noble in reason, how infinite in faculty! In form and moving how express and admirable! In action how like an angel, in apprehension how like a god! The beauty of the world. The paragon of animals. And yet, to me, what is this quintessence of dust?    Hamlet (Act2: Scene II)

Well, Hambo my old bean, ‘Quintessence of Dust’ is the side long opening track of Transmaniacon Plays The Darkening Plain and a stone(r) cold slice of genius pie.  I picked this album up when it was released in 2014 because of the brilliant Ian Miller cover art and the fact it looked really damn heavy and I’ve never looked back.  The fact that it is on red-splatter vinyl and there are only 300 copies of it in existence on LP is just the geek boy icing on the spiky android cake.

Transmaniacon Darkening Plain 01

You can have loads of genre bolting together related fun with Transmaniacon, as this is definitely the finest doom prog proto-metal punky sci-fi stoner rock LP I have ever owned, or indeed am likely ever to.  Not that any of that is remotely relevant to anything anyway, this is quite simply great music.  If there was any talent related justice these chaps would all be showing us around their platinum and diamond encrusted tropical mansions on MTV cribs every day of the week.

Transmaniacon Darkening Plain 03

I have never read, or to my knowledge even glimpsed, John Shirley’s 1979 novel Transmaniacon but the music herein started life as a mooted soundtrack for an abandoned film of the book as all good doom prog proto-metal (etc etc) LPs should.  Transmaniacon opt for the tried-and-tested Iron Butterfly and Rush route of an epic on Side 1 and a clutch of other tracks on Side 2 and boy does it pay off.

Transmaniacon Darkening Plain 07Transmaniacon Darkening Plain 06 (3)

The epic in question is ‘Quintessence Of Dust’ and my poor weak brain’s interpretation of the story is that of a diseased population being sent out into space to be disposed of and coming back as a half-human half-robo killer hybrid hellbent on extracting a bloody revenge for their travails.  I assume this is based on a true story.  Basically, your full-on future-ocalypse man-machine scenario and the pay off is that to defeat the monstrous we must become monsters ourselves, which I half-remember as a line from Nietzsche*.  It is, with a twist or two towards robots, close to the plot of my favourite disco holocaust LP Cerrone Supernature.  So much for the theoretical side of things, but does it rock?

Transmaniacon Darkening Plain 05 (2)

Of course it does and not like anything else in the whole of the 1537.  The guitars storm, soar and rage, there is some quite frankly Jon Lord-esque organ passages and the vocals are really something else, there’s a great sneery, punker quality about them which I love.  As if all that wasn’t enough, Lydia Lunch makes an awesomely sinister appearance about a third of the way through, to great effect, as a dead-voiced narrator who intones lines like ‘shiny metals that never rust / Weak animals that must be crushed’. 

Transmaniacon Darkening Plain 09 (2)

It is difficult to sum up a track like ‘Quintessence Of Dust’ because of the sheer unwieldy size of it, both in terms of length and sheer ambition.  The fact that the tension and excellence of the track is sustained throughout is testimony to just how great this is.  Monster will do.

Click to make it bigger (baby).

The musicianship Transmaniacon display on The Darkening Plain is top-notch.  Bassist Steve Cox’s keyboards really grab my attention as do Simon Halliday’s vocals, which take the sound far further towards Killing Joke than Queensrÿche.  Paul Cox and Ged Murphy’s guitars chug and lash hard, as and when required.  On top, or beneath, all that Karl Hussey’s drumming is a versatile energetic thing that glues and propels things together/onwards.  Phew!

Transmaniacon Darkening Plain 04

But can Transmaniacon avoid the old trap of the epic first side so hugely outweighing the second that it is, to all intents and purposes, irrelevant and unmemorable? Fear not gentle reader, they do.

The three tracks that make up side 2 of The Darkening Plain whilst not conceptually linked, albeit sharing a pessimistic outlook (‘The oppressive weight of expectation/ Sordid reality of homo-sapien’**), are not much of a departure in sound for the band.

Transmaniacon Darkening Plain 02 (2)

The pick of the three for me is ‘An Eye For An Eye’ which is a genuinely angry cut which jogs along at a great chugging pace and is graced with yet more great organ work from Steve Cox – it sounds like a furious Deep Purple; which can only be a good thing.

Transmaniacon Darkening Plain 08a

I cannot find anything else by the band online, or even anything about them after The Darkening Plain.  I suspect that this LP may well prove to be one of those tantalising single-shot affairs where something really great just coalesces out of the aether and then, just as mysteriously dissipates leaving us standing alone and energised on The Darkening Plain. 

806 Down.

*Friedrich, not Jack.

**when I was reading Yuval Noah Harari’s Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind earlier this year the eMail filter at work took offence at the ‘homo’ in ‘homosapien’ and assumed I was bandying around homophobic insults.  I may write an angry concept LP about it.

49 thoughts on “What We Have Become

  1. Very interesting and diverse. One moment I was ready to headbang away then the next I was contemplating listening while laying nude in the grass figuring out the universe in my thumbnail.

    1. All I can say, as one of the world’s foremost collector of doom prog proto-metal punky sci-fi stoner rock, is that it’s about to spill over onto a third shelf.

      1. Oh Bucks Fizz then, I am going to give it one more go in the car, it sits in my discos cart right now. I don’t often buy such loud music too often though.

  2. Oh! I’m very fond of an iced spikey android cake!

    Everything about this is excellent. The kind of excellent that would suggest I need to get myself a copy.

    Damn you!

  3. Shame this is a one-off (seemingly). It sounds fantastic. That it was so limited in numbers only adds fuelt to the fire…

    I think your email filter is tuned a little high. What if you had been talking about homogenized milk?

    1. There’s a very cheap ($9.99 CAN) copy on Discogs right now. Just saying.

      I’ve listened to this a lot over the last 2 years and it hasn’t dimmed for me.

      That’s work for you – I could never get involved in any milk chat.

      1. I went into a fog, and when I came to, Discogs was open and an order had been placed. I’m not quite sure what happened…

        What if you used French for milk, lait… nah, then you’d be lait for work.

      2. Well I’m totally in a mood for this sort of spacey fuzzy stoner rawk right now (see also: Red Fang) so I figure it’s $10 well-spent. And a thank you to you for the heads-up!

  4. That is a great album cover. I am hearing a Sabbathy feel on the guitars as well. Actually this is really interesting. I have had it playing while I read the post but only made through 4 minutes of the 24 on the song. I will keep it going.

    1. Sorry John – at that rate I’d have needed to crank out 6000 words to keep you reading to the end. That would have put me in finger hospital!

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