So there I was back in 1990 at Jumbo Records in Leeds, talking nonchalantly to the girl behind the counter who I had a massive crush on.  Well I say ‘talking’, mumbling awestruck half sentences might be rather more accurate, hoping that she’d see the pouting Sex God* that lurked within my Paisley shirt.  Anyway, she mentioned that there was a new one in that sounded a bit like (my beloved) Jane’s Addiction, when I stammered out ‘Christ, though, look at the state of them’ at the sight of the chaps on the back cover, she simply responded by showing me the vinyl.

Hormones and multi-coloured vinyl** it was a heady combination, which led of course to an immediate purchase.

I really wish they'd dressed up a bit more flamboyantly for the LP cover
I really wish they’d dressed up a bit more flamboyantly for the LP cover

I’ve played Liquid Jesus Live, maybe for the third time tonight and I can’t see me doing it again any time soon.  In fact would it surprise you to learn that, normally fastidious me, had the LP on my wall as a cool decoration^ in my cool bachelor pad a couple of years after I bought it?


I’m not saying Live is awful, or unlistenable, it’s a well-mixed LP that is pleasingly loud and bass-y at times, if a bit lacking in good tunes.  There are touches of funk metal here and there and an audacious lyrical steal from Pink Floyd’s ‘Outside The Wall’.  It’s just average.  You know the phenomenon I’m sure, a good band make their pitch and end up playing the ‘current’ sound of the time, at this point in L.A they were skanking and skulking around the same seedy underbelly as Jane’s A, or trying to^^.  A few years later they’d have been Hammerbox, a couple of years previous they’d have been the Bulletboys – nothing awful, a good tune or two, but just lacking a touch of inspiration.


But I’m not a negative creep, so let’s be positive about Liquid Jesus Live: I quite the acoustic-y, quirky ‘Susan’s Call’^* and the vinyl really, really is sweet.  Let’s face it, like I always say, these guys did it, they made an LP and I’m just a lard-assed loser who hasn’t yet, they win.

Not that buying this LP ever got me a second glance from HER.  Damn.


702 Down.


PS: When I read this brilliant Onion feature, hundreds of years ago, I recognised myself in it completely in relation to Liquid Jesus – don’t tell me you don’t too!

*it didn’t look right without capital letters.

**much rarer then, than now.

^I fondly hoped such sophistication would make a really average LP into a Grade-A chick magnet, its’ powers on that front remain to this very day, sadly, untested.

^^incidentally, why are underbellies always seedy? why can’t they just be decrepit, or desolate occasionally? or maybe, once in a while, sumptuous or fetching? just a thought.

^*no relation to ‘Jane Says’ obviously.

33 thoughts on “Nice & Swirly

  1. I bought Liquid Jesus’ ‘Pour In The Sky’ on cassette back in 1991. I remember quite liking it. It was weird and experimental sounding at times. There was the funk element, but more art rock too. They did a great cover of Sly and the Family Stone’s “Stand” on the ‘Pump Up The Volume’ S/T. They sort of seemed stuck in that transition from hair metal to grunge. It was a rough time to be transitioning. Just ask Drivin’ N’ Cryin’, White Trash, Warrior Soul, Dada, etc…

    1. Totally the worst look ever – it’s like they just realised how bad they looked half way through getting dressed and just couldn’t be arsed carrying on.

      This one is worth up to £3.44 on Discogs.

  2. Sound a bit like Jane’s Addiction, eh? She sure knew how to sell a record to you! This lot… oooft. Still, it is a nice record. Highly photogenic, too.

  3. The problem with Liquid Jesus (love the name) I think is that they look 20 years out of date. They look like they belong in 1970 as opposed to 1990. Great pictures though.

    1. That’s the more charitable option, the less so would be that she played me for a sucker with her, considerable, feminine wiles! Or maybe she had rubbish taste in music!

  4. The Record Shop Lady sold ya on it….Hook/Line and Tinker! Bam! Don’t fret we have all been duped! hahaha
    Quite the fashion these dudes had going on….

      1. It’s a good look, don’t worry it’ll come back into fashion. I’m particularly taken by the guy on the far right with his granny’s drawers on his head!

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