… Which as all you Esperanto speakers know is Esperanto for ….  GOBLIN COCK!!

I made a bit of an impulse buy again at lunchtime today and it has changed my life, irrevocably and for ever.  I breezed into Probe Records in Liverpool and rifled through the new releases, as I often do on a Monday, not knowing that a life changing event was mere inches away.  There it was:


Yes, you read that right, I bought Necronomidonkeykongimicon by Goblin Cock.


That's how you name band members!
That’s how you name band members!
Behold Lord Phallus! on a push bike.
Behold Lord Phallus! on a push bike.
The lyrics are all written in runes
The lyrics are all written in runes
Tee-hee-hee, swearing!
Tee-hee-hee, swearing!


Record collecting = done.  There’s no point any more.  Goblin Cock just won music.

690 Down (still).

49 thoughts on “Koboldo Kaco

    1. Robert, thank you! You may have saved me much embarrassment in unusual circumstances at some intimate moment in the future!

      I’ve always liked the idea of esperanto since reading the Stainless steel Rat books by Harry Harrison at an impressionable age.

    1. My grandparents had one when I was a nipper, I used to think it the total height of gadgetry and sophistication. Just think the chance to spill boiling liquid over your prone body every morning, without even having to sit up properly!

  1. So far, I have only mastered “NecroDonkeyKong” as a pronunciation for the album name, but I hereby pledge to keep at it. You people with your vinyl, you make me …. a little jealous. Ha! Burning Coffee World and runes!!

  2. HAHAHAHA! Oh my! This is the band whose CD I found in Ottawa, and took a picture of the cover. Then I showed the picture to Jen’s GRANDPARENTS and asked if they liked the name of the band!!!

      1. I have a bunch of those frames. So far, with the kids so small still, I haven’t put up anything like this. Mostly old Rush LPs I rescued where the artwork is OK but the LP itself is too hacked to play.

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