I’m a bit conflicted.  I’ve been just served a meal.  It has been cooked really well.  It has some of my favourite ingredients in it.  It is beautifully presented and I even like the pattern on the plate.  It is fine, I ate it all up but I’m not satisfied.  I still feel hungry.  Which is kind of how I feel about The Temperance Movement White Bear, the first 2016 LP I bought this year.

Temperance Movement White Bear 01

I enjoyed the band’s self-titled debut LP but thought it could have done with a bit of a vicious song cull* to make it shorter and more listenable.  I was excited enough about this album to pre-order it, which is how I’ve got a white vinyl version complete with a print signed by all the band, limited to 200 copies**.  White Bear is a classy package too, nice understated cover, good art and a huge poster/lyric sheet – it really does look the part, recalling all those same venerable Brit-rock ports of call as the band’s sound does, Bad Company, Free, Humble Pie and, even, Reef.

Temperance Movement White Bear 04

Opener ‘Three Bulleits’, their spelling not mine, swaggers in with a certain stomp of a rhythm and trading on Phil Campbell’s gruff, melodic voice which is pretty much The Temperance Movement’s best weapon.  The guitars circle and churn without really drawing blood, which isn’t a good thing in context.  ‘Three …’ is fine, but easily forgotten ten minutes later.  Better by far is ‘Get Yourself Free’ which keeps the swagger and showcases a real swinging rhythm piloted by bassist Nick Fyffe, who was in Jamiroquai’s band for years.  It is a great song with a great dusty, gutsy sound harking back again to Bad Company at their least diluted.

Temperance Movement White Bear 02Temperance Movement White Bear 06

The next few tracks on White Bear are less successful, ‘A Pleasant Peace I feel’ garbing itself in some atmospherics borrowed from U2, sung beautifully of course but without enough of a song in there.  ‘Modern Massacre’^ rocks it up in a commendably raw fashion and whilst the guitars do slice and dice, again I’m wanting more of a song behind it all.  The title track gives us what we crave though, in spades, with a side order of slide, some real dramatic dynamics and a chaotic guitar solo on top, much more memorable.

Temperance Movement White Bear 03Temperance Movement White Bear 05

Best of all though and I’d say by far the best track The Temperance Movement have cut so far, is ‘Oh Lorraine’ which was a real revelation for me.  It’s built on an almost baggy beat from Fyffe and drummer Damon Wilson and the vocal melodies and production is just spot on.  Basically what we have here is a kick ass rock band really discovering their groove and putting down a superb organically sourced dance track, I can and have listened to this on repeat over and over and over.  This is what I wanted, something that sculpts something very new/now from old components.  In fact it reminds me a lot of the band Music and that really is a compliment^*.  Here’s a live version from 2 years ago with a much more Faces and bluegrass feel:

After that the pickings get a little less choice again although I quite like the bluesier ‘The Sun & Moon Roll Around Too Soon’ which really reminds me of a John Lennon song I can’t quite place.

Temperance Movement White Bear 08

So overall White Bear is good, but a little frustrating because I feel it wouldn’t need too much more to drag a great album out of this band, all the components are right there and the band are just too good to be praised for having three great songs on an album.  Maybe their third will fill up my mighty stomach of rock!^^.

678 Down.

Temperance Movement White Bear 07

PS: I deliberately didn’t re-read Deke’s review of this until now – he had the advantage of seeing them kick it live too.

*although that might be because the vinyl has two bonus tracks.

**well, excitement and the fact that I’m an easily manipulated spineless sucker for whatever tidbits record labels deign to throw in my direction.

^why does it always take me three goes to spell that word?!

^*remember them? bunch of kids from Leeds? made this beauty (and one of my fave videos in the process):

Although I might just like this one so much because I dance like the singer does.

^^probably best not pursue this metaphor any further!


5 thoughts on “A Side Order Of Slide, Lorraine

  1. Makes me wanna go listen to Humble Pie and Free which are never too far from the deck. Rather hear a Kossoff ‘catching a good nod single note solo’ or a sweaty shirtless Steve Marriott belting out the phone book anyday.

  2. It is disappointing to get a snack when you want a three course feast, isn’t it? The section labelled ‘OK enough’ just keeps growing.
    PS. Can hear a bit of Allman Brothers in that live clip.

  3. Thanks for the shout out!
    As soon as these guys launched into Three Bulliets live I was hooked so for me they got me on there live show than obviously later on both CDs after which I listened to them at home the next day.
    My Introduction to them was the live format and they cooked live!
    Like I say it’s hard for me to dig new bands as I’m so old school it’s sick! Hahaha….but these guys with Phil as the frontman were very entertaining and the dude has a real cool throwback voice and stage presence!
    White Bear I think is a great album as its a sound I don’t frequently visit so I basically latched my sonic train to it!(the debut I have to get around to that one and review it as well)
    Your review is cool as well and gives a different spin on it and fair enough there is always album 3 for me though these guys brainwashed me with there show here in Tbay!
    Hope they return someday!
    I think this may be one of my longest responses ever! Hahaha…

  4. Disappointing new release, eh? This is on my list, having caught some footage of them live – look like the kinda band that could tear it up. Reckon I’ll still investigate further, as both this and Deke’s review suggest there’s enough in there for me. Though I don’t know why you had to go mention yon Music. That was awfy shady. I didn’t like them one bit!

  5. Joe I’ve had that feeling with a few albums, I should really love this, and yet…
    Could ‘The Sun & Moon Roll Around Too Soon’ be a distant cousin of Lennon’s ‘well well well’?

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