I am off to see some heroes of mine play tonight, Manic Street Preachers at Venue Cymru in Llandudno.  It’s always a pleasure to catch these guys, I first saw them play in a pub in Leeds, they were there when I first started seeing Mrs 1537 and for her 40th birthday treat 20 years later.  I have seen them when I’ve been on top of the world and I’ve seen had them lift me back up when I’ve been down in the doldrums.  I sometimes miss out on seeing them when they play venues that are too big for me, but I usually don’t worry, they’ll be back around again before too many more years pass.

Resistance is Futile, the new LP, has some very good new tunes on but hasn’t really grabbed me yet, this is its chance.

Manics Llandudno

Tonight’s venue is a cracker, on the shore front in Llandudno and I’ll wander along there with a bag of chips as is traditional for me when I go to Venue Cymru before I get in early and get right down on the rail, centre right as I always do.  After all, what else would I be doing on a Tuesday night?

Taken right outside the venue in Llandudno

See you down the front.

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44 thoughts on “Gig Tonight

    1. They were really excellent, as always. Pulled a good few surprises with the material they played too, a couple of obscure B-sides chucked in to the mix for their own amusement.

    1. They did indeed and they pulled some obscure older ones out of the bag too. Of the new stuff ‘International Blue’ and ‘Liverpool Revisited’ were just brilliant, a bit harder live than in the studio.

  1. Your Tuesday night: right down on the rail, centre right (MSP)
    My Tuesday night: right down on the rail, center right (Fu Manchu)

    (I’m become a doddering old homebody these days, but thankfully “home” has somehow expanded to include crowded gig venues. Hope yours was as good as mine!)

    1. I will forgive your misspelling as you are clearly a kindred soul!

      I had a brilliant, life-affirming night – how about you?

    1. Hiya, I’ve seen them there a couple of times over the last few years too – i skip it when they play arenas though. Always a fun night out.

    1. Hey James, they were as excellent as always. The Coral supported, you know their stuff at all? they were absolutely brilliant live.

  2. Have fun! That looks like quite a venue.

    I hope you leave the show hooked by some tunes that were unable to catch your ear in their album format!

  3. Down at the front? At the rail?! What are you, some kind of teenager?

    At your age you should be standing at the back, arms folded, disapproving look on your face… now THAT’S a gig-goer.

      1. NEVER!! Empires will fall and mankind’s dreams crumble into the sands before that happens. It is a bit windy here though.

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