Hip To Hip, Bone To Bone

Primal Scream Miss Lucifer 04 (2)

Miss Lucifer by Primal Scream.  Goddamn I love this track!  It’s a wired weird, sweaty sexy treat.  A detached icy cool vocal over a whiplash beat gives it the air of the soundtrack to the most incredible night of clubbing and decadence imaginable, at the sort of club that could only exist either in my fevered imagination, or at a strange intra-dimensional confluence between Berlin and Hades.  Ready the dance floor and bring out the chicks!  Bobby Gillespie, mucky little pup that he is, intones a masturbatory wish list over the beat:

Skinny girl
Dressed in black
Leather boots
Nazi hat
Tattooed panther
Vampire cape
Sexy dancer
Magdalene grace

Hey I’m almost there too, but you really need to substitute ‘curvy’ for ‘skinny’ and change her headwear if you want her to totally jangle my jubblies.  I mean tattooed panthers, leather boots and vampire capes are all well and good but, call me shallow if you must, we need some wiggle wiggle in the mix too.  Obviously as a complete Adonis myself I can make these comments without fear of being called a hypocrite.  But I digress, ‘Miss Lucifer’ is a great track and it all sounded very 21st Century to me back then, I could picture me blasting it whilst piloting my anti-grav speedster to work in the year 2017.

Primal Scream Miss Lucifer 05

The Miss Lucifer 12″ comes with a nicely textured cover and three remixes, naturally.  The last of these is the Alec Empire ‘Bone To Bone’ mix, which makes everything slow and menacing.  The Jagz Kooner remix ‘Hip To Hip’ starts with noises like Darth Vader pleasuring himself for several moments, before resolving into a fast dance floor filler with all the vocals taken out, I can imagine people, you know, doing it to this one.  The other Alec Empire mix, ‘Panther Girl’ is almost unlistenable, it sounds like mic-ed up jackboots dancing on a loved one’s grave.  Nein danke.

Primal Scream Miss Lucifer 03 (2)

So if it’s all the same to you I will stick with the album version of Miss Lucifer, all 2:26 of it, taken from Evil Heat.  Take me home panther girl…

Panther girl
Take me home
Hip to hip
Bone to bone
Evil heat
All night long

820 Down.

Primal Scream Miss Lucifer 04

Warning: Video contains traces of pretension and almost boobies:

Primal Scream Miss Lucifer 01

16 thoughts on “Hip To Hip, Bone To Bone

  1. Yay for almost boobies. Haha. Whoops. Did I say that out loud?

    I used to be a Screamadelica fan almost exclusively but more and more, I am appreciating the Primals later work. Good ole Gillespie.

  2. Very festive. I wasn’t at all into Primal Scream until revisiting Vanishing Point a good few years back… went on a bit of a binge and nabbed a whole load of their silver discs. Including Evil Heat. I really haven’t listened since.

    Anyhoo, what’s my point? Well, I like this one. A whole lot. I don’t need those remixes though.

    And the video is freaky.

    1. Well, I thought it was a bit Christmassy. In fact maybe you could substitute ‘Santa hat’ for ‘Nazi hat’? I have a bit of a weakness for those.

      Evil Heat is a very underrated LP I think.

      1. Skinny girl
Dressed in black
Leather boots
Santa hat
Tattooed panther
Vampire cape
Sexy dancer
Magdalene grace

        … yup. That works.

        You’ve put me in the mood for a wee listen to Evil Heat. I know I have that one kicking around.

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