I popped out for a sandwich yesterday lunchtime* and accidentally ended up, after a 15 minute brisk walk, in a record shop.  Then I had one of those nasty blackouts that I’m prone to and the next thing I knew, wallop! four new LPs.  Why me Lord? Why me?! Why must I be the one to suffer so?!

Four absolute crackers they are too, three of which I’ve wanted for a long time and one impulse buy.

Black Sabbath Headless Cross.  I’ve wanted this one since I read a review of it when it was released in 1989; springing into action a mere 27 years later, here it is.  I’ve seen folks trying to charge silly money for this LP in the last year, or so, but this was just the right price.  First listen is very favourable too.

Black Sabbath Headless Cross

Black Sabbath Featuring Tony Iomni Seventh Star.  I know this is supposed to be, mostly, pants but it was cheap, I’m a sucker for Glenn Hughes AND the slightly lost and scared looking Tony on the LP cover.  I’ve only played two tracks so far, ‘Danger Zone’ was good.

Cheer up Tone, it might never happen!
Cheer up Tone, it might never happen!

The The Infected.  I’ve wanted this LP since my school friend played it to me in ’86.  This is a mint copy with a great big poster that I can now put up over the fireplace at home.  Bizarre fact that I didn’t know before yesterday, the piano player on ‘Heartland’ (wonderful track by the way)? none other than future Marillion vocalist, Steve Hogarth!

The The Infected

Hawkwind Quark Strangeness And Charm.  Again I’ve just been waiting for a decently priced copy to fall into my clutches for a good few years now.  What a great album this is.  A real radical departure from their signature sound.  I stayed up to 1am last night listening to this.

Hawkwind Quark

Okay, okay so a sandwich would have been a lot cheaper, but it would have been spiritually less nutritious.  Three LPs finally crossed off the long mental list I lug about with me everywhere I go and that I mentally scroll through every time I hit a record shop and go straight to the ‘B’ section to compose myself.

So I’m off to put on my fringed leather jacket, stand in the desert and look slightly despondent.

You've got a friend in me (da da da da daa)
You’ve got a friend in me (da da da da daa)

638 Down (still)

*braving temperatures of 5 above freezing and the very real possibility of gentle rainfall – now that’s extreme weather, Canadians!

52 thoughts on “Kick-ass Haul

  1. You walk back in to work from lunch holding records.
    You boss asks what you have in your hand.
    You show him the records.
    He commends you on your excellent choice, gives you the afternoon off, doubles your salary, offers you the corner office, 12 weeks vacation, use of the company jet, and buys you front row tickets to Black Sabbath.

      1. You mustn’t… if you are a false!

        BTW… I say “Top 10” but there are probably about 29 other albums in that too. My Top 10 is a bit like Lovecraft horror: amorphous and unknowable!

  2. I think I saw Sabbath on the Seventh Star tour, it was in Manchester. Tony looked despondent then too. I know I saw Sabbath in Manchester. Great haul, I myself have inadvertently bought many things including one box set today.

  3. It’s amazing how often you can just (somehow) (magically) (beyond your control) (before you know it) end up in record shops. Happens to me all the time.

    I have the Seventh Star (on the evil silver disc) but not Headless. I am missing several albums from that later period.

    Dude. These are seriously awesome finds. WELL DONE!

  4. Sweet haul. The only one I have is the Tony Iommi one.
    My guess is Tony looked that way because he saw Ozzy in the desert all strung on peyote, biting the heads off of bats.
    My guess is the guy on the The The(sorry) album cover just took a leak, and his junk is Infected.

  5. After I leave the dentist, I’m heading straight to me fave record shop, battling through perfect autumn weather (sun, 23 C, still)… Hope I have equivalent success (especially as I probably won’t be able to eat a sandwich).

    1. Three LPs I’ve wanted for many years, not bad work for one lunchtime. I’m really enjoying Headless Cross, a lot. I re-read the relevant bits in the Mick Wall book last night and didn’t agree with his view of the LP’s merits at all.

      Did you know the Steve Hogarth fact? that pleased me immensely yesterday.

      1. I’m not sure honestly! I’ve been collecting Marillion fanzines for years so I’m sure this fact came up before? Seems familiar? Might even be in the liner notes to the How We Live album.

      2. Interesting trade off for that band. They lost the frontman/lyricist that could never be replaced. The tall Scotsman who loved singing about drambuie. They got a multi-instrumentalist who can play piano, guitar, and those glove things from the Holidays in Eden tour.

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