Kinky Machine Going Out With God.  I thought about this record for the first time in a light year today because I was thinking of a time I saw, my beloved, Manic Street Preachers on 15 October 1992 at Leeds Polytechnic.  The support band were a young group I had never heard of called Kinky Machine, so as I used to in those days, I bought their latest single, 12″ in this case, to see what they were like.

Kinky Machine 006

Going Out With God looked the part, the circuit board and composite bike/head/strange device* cover.  Indeed live the band looked the part too, all skinny mod-ish and lairy, the skinny singer wore a track suit top and was a bit shouty.  They weren’t very good, their songs with a couple minor variations were all a bit samey for me and were just your normal pop/rock songs overlaid with some aggressive mod overtones.  Unfortunately, I’m left with exactly the same impression tonight after playing the 12″, nothing at all memorable I’m afraid.  One of the B-sides, ‘Counting Down To Zero’ is probably the best track here, a bit slower and more cocksure.

Kinky Machine 004Kinky Machine 002

I do want to add my usual caveat here, that this is a far better record than any I’ll ever release and hey, they got up there and did it and I didn’t.  I’m the loser.

Now it may come as a bit of a surprise to y’all but I used to keep a diary of gigs I went to, who/when/where and a single line review, here’s theirs from that night :

Kinky Machine 001

The other thing I remember from that night over 23 years ago? the singer kept staring at a hot ginger chick who was standing front and centre against the barrier wearing a mesh top and cut-off jean shorts with black tights and a Jack Daniels belt, I mean really staring.  Ironically, she was already ‘Going Out With God’ by then anyway … it was the first gig we ever went to together in fact, (the future) Mrs 1537 and I.

Kinky Machine 003Kinky Machine 005

606 Down.

PS – The Manic Street Preachers were just spot-on incredible that night, but you probably guessed that bit already.

PPS – Thanks Geoff for making me think of them again.


*from almost long-gone distant memories of my friend’s dad’s bongo mags I think the device in question was called a butterfly(?) and was designed to stimulate a lady’s nether parts, and thus her, into paroxysms of ecstatic lust – personally I always thought it just looked a bit medical at worst and that it would chafe like hell at best – but what do I know? I’m only a man. (I’d just like to point out that thanks to the parental lock I put on my PC (and forgot the password of) I can’t Google this, if you do, don’t tell me, I don’t need to know.

26 thoughts on “Going Out With God

  1. I’ve had those thoughts a lot, sitting here as a desk chair commenter on records – those folks are actually doing it, I’m just sitting here playing judge and jury! I have been in bands before, I know the work it takes. Good to keep in mind when blathering about records for sure!

  2. Seems there was loads of those track suited lairy types in the 90s, huh? One of your few posts that haven’t even stirred a slight bit of interest in the band or release (thank you!).

  3. I often feel I have to add that disclaimer whenever I’m critical too – they’ve released more than I did, so who am I to complain?
    I’m pleased to hear that even if the band’s performance was crap (incidentally, I’d love to read that succinct diary!) the story had a very happy ending. Enjoyed this post Joe, thanks for the thanks too!

    1. Thanks Geoff. It’s funny how even a not great 12″ can unlock some great, detailed memories. A bit like Proust, but with vinyl instead of cake.

      Far too many embarrassing teenager-y comments in there to ever release that into the public domain, I’m afraid!

  4. Relieved to hear the singer did NOT get the girl. Great punchline.

    Now on to important matters, not this life-partner rubbish. You never find me trawling through old memories. Pah! Now, BMX Bandits were a precursor of Teenage Fanclub. Any hints of the excellence to come in Gig #63.

    1. Old memories?! For wimps and losers only, I reckon. BMX Bandits were alright, but Shonen Knife … Wow! Full on pop punk oddball perfection, the end of that gig (in the university bar) was the closest thing I’ve ever experienced to Beatlemania, we were just left shrieking and howling at the sheer wonder of it all. Sadly, they were never really able to get it down on vinyl. Happy days!

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