Don’t tell Mrs 1537* but I had a bit of a splurge the other day.  I went out at lunch time to buy a sandwich, sort of lost my way and ended up in the mighty Probe Records in Liverpool, at that point I seem to have blacked-out and only came to twenty minutes later having bought a bunch of beautiful coloured heavyweight vinyl.  Hmmm…

Mean & Moody 1537
Mean & Moody 1537

In my defence I will state that I was presented with:

  • Black Moth Condemned To Hope
  • Transmaniacon The Darkening Plain
  • Blown Out Drifting Way Out Between Suns

The first two are British groups I’d not heard of before, although this is Black Moth’s second LP on a really great record label that I’d not heard of before either – New Heavy Sounds (NHS) Records.  Black Moth a re a female-fronted band from Leeds who are produced by the mighty Jim Sclavunos, of Bad Seeds fame AND who got a war-referencing Roger Dean cover.  They have a really good, interesting sound, not straight-ahead rock by any means there’s a lot to explore and to come back to on Condemned To Hope.  Current favourite track is the brilliantly named ‘The Undead King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’. It also has the thickest cardboard sleeve I have ever encountered.

New Booty 03

Now Transmaniacon, despite having a BOC-referencing name, play a really interesting version of prog rock, which despite the first track taking up the whole of Side A of The Darkening Plain, is FAR more rock than prog – really rather punky and rough-around-the-edges at times too.  They even rope in arch provocatrix Lydia Lunch to aid their tales of death, destruction and laying to waste.  I know nothing else about this band, except I want to go see them live, right now!  Add in a deluxe gatefold sleeve full of spiky robots designed by Ian Miller and you’ll see just why I couldn’t leave this beauty there – no-one puts Transmaniacon in the corner!

New Booty 02

Lastly is Blown Out, peddling the sort of side-long space jams that can either be amazing, or snooze-inducing.  But the LP was on a favourite label of mine, Riot Season**, the title Drifting Way Out Between Suns did it for me and how could I resist a sticker on the album promising ‘totally crushing, waster-infused, head-change guitar leads’? I’m only human after all.  It is really good too, very varied and not at all samey.

New Booty 01

I love getting hold of new bands and it is important to support them and the labels that put this stuff out, otherwise we’d just be left with vast amounts of corporate-backed dross and the 1000th re-release of the {Insert appropriate Name}’s Greatest Hits.  Plus there’s the vinyl.

Now quick help me hide them before she gets back in!

New Booty 04

475 Down (still)

*obviously being an omnipotent star lord and master of all I survey, I wear the trousers in the 1537 household! But just please don’t mention it if you happen to bump into her okay? please?

**always great sleeves, usually limited to 3-500 copies on LP and home to 1537-faves The Earthling Society.

20 thoughts on “New Booty

  1. Man, that happens to me on occasion. I don’t have any cool record shops to walk, trance-like, into, but I will occasionally end up coming-to with records in my hands. At least, that’s the story i tell my lovely wife…

    I also love that you bought three awesome LPs and I’ve never heard of any of them. SO MUCH MUSICS TO EXPLORE!

    1. What? These old things? No, i bought them months ago …

      Were i ever convicted of vinyl smuggling the 1537-mobile would have to be brought in as an accessory after the fact.

      1. I can see a lot of promise in this new direction, sir. Really no end to the possibilities. Perhaps it’ll lead to a sandwich and vinyl series – just what type o’ record compliments the dulcet tones of Mick Jagger …

      2. I think my hits are just going to number in the high millions within days of me starting this. Sandwiches sell way more than LPs.

        Mick Jagger? Cheese and big old ham, I reckon.

    1. How about rhyming slang bands/sandwich combo?

      Cheese and ham – Steeleye Span
      Chicken salad – Russ Ballard
      Tuna supreme – Paul Rodgers & Queen

      I’m exhausted now. Must rest

  2. I like the sound of all three of these, plus album art is amazing. Transmaniacon looks like Ralph Steadman and Pushead collaborating on a mid-80s Suicidal Tendencies album cover.

    One more thing I’d like to note, Probe Records sounds like a place I could live. I could make a little nest in the wall or something. A record shop that stocked all three of these albums at the same time is all right in my book.

    Hey, the Mrs is coming…better hide those records!

    1. Maybe you could apply to be their oddball in residence? I’m not sure they know they need one yet, but im sure we could sell them the idea.

      Steadnan & Pushead? Nice call maybe VoiVod rather than ST though?

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