The Wildhearts: Tivoli, Buckley 29-11-2019

I’ve waited 26 years to see the Wildhearts, they play often enough – the fault is all mine.  Tonight at the Buckley Tivoli they made the wait worthwhile.  Warm, funny, great musicians who rocked like triceratops-es* dipped in melody, they were perfect and I was front and centre, like the rock geek I am.

Wildhearts Buckley Live 01

My ears are ringing still and I had a proper rockgasm during both ‘Diagnosis’, ‘Caffeine Bomb’ and ‘Greetings From Shitsville’, all the tracks from Renaissance Men worked superbly live.

I was quite proud of this shot. I may not wait until 2045 until I see them again.

Wildhearts Buckley Live 02

970 Down (still).

*I’m about 40% sure that it the correct plural form of triceratops – I may have missed the day in school we learned that.

28 thoughts on “The Wildhearts: Tivoli, Buckley 29-11-2019

    1. It was a truly great night. A good few ‘Earth Vs ‘ tracks, everything from the new LP sounded great and there were about 3 I didn’t have a clue about – a brilliant one with ‘Radio’ in the title I haven’t looked up yet which was possibly the best of the night.

      I was as blown away by them as I hoped I’d be. Seriously tempted by Anvil next year.

  1. I’m impressed. Great shots. I think they’re the greatest live band and the band I’ve seen the most. I’m so impressed with the Tivoli’s line up these last few weeks. I’m there to see The Temperance Movement next weekend and I’ve seen Massive Wagons advertising a show there this month. That’s 3 of my favourite British bands. If they had Idles and Frank Carter before new years eve I might just move to Wales. What a place

    1. I caught The Temperance Movement a few years ago when they opened up for Monster Truck. Great live band and good people as well as they signed my CD’s and chatted.

    2. Hey Steve – thank you, I got to be front and centre for the first time in an age for this one. It was very emotional seeing them too. The new tracks are just immense live.

      How come you’re up our way? Hemel Hempstead not enough for you these days, you have to encroach into other bloggers’ turf?!

      Anvil and Faster Pussycat next year, are the ones I have my eye on. I am a bit tempted by the Temperance one myself too – may be ££ dependant though.

      1. Are you staying anywhere near Chester? That’s always lovely this time of year. If you’re walking-y people go up Moel Fammau (hill not too far from Buckley, stunning views).

        Or there’s the charms of big city Liverpool.

    1. Anvil and Faster Pussycat (separate nights, sadly) are coming to the same venue next year – only 8 miles from my house – be rude not to go.

    1. Hello there! It was a gas gas gas. Really fun to be front and centre for it too, adding my tuneless bellowing to the night’s entertainment.

      Next year Anvil, D*A*D and Faster Pussycat are all playing the same venue – separate nights sadly.

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