… Merry Christmas and a peaceful, happy new year to you all.  Word up.

Christmas lights seem to have turned the fireplace in my front room into a terrifying pagan altar – maybe that’s the true meaning of Christmas?
Yes, we have an asparagus bauble on our tree. Doesn’t everyone?

26 thoughts on “Never Mind The Baubles

    1. When my ‘parents’ found my smashed space craft, it was the only object it contained along with the mysterious baby. They knew it would be the key to my great destiny.

  1. Merry Christmas right back to you. The day is ended here and I’m stuffed and only now able to relax and listen to a present from Santa, red vinyl Pretty Things, SF Sorrow. So far sounding wonderful.

    1. Hi Paul, that sounds like a great present – I’m sure I saw that in Sainsburys, of all places, a month or two back; what next? Gentle Giant in Asda? The Groundhogs in Tesco?

  2. Merry Biffmas! We don’t actually celebrate the 25th here – just the winter soulstice. Our tree last year was a bunch of sticks lit up with lights and the heads of our favourite soul singers hanging as baubles. James Brown, as the Godfather, sitting’ on top!
    We toned it down this year after I pointed out it wasn’t politically correct to hang black people from trees anymore, being a whitey an’ all. So, this year, we just had the Styx! (see what I did there? Hopefully got myself out of what could be misconstrued as an offensive comment!)
    Anyway, peace and love to you and your family and more importantly to all the people of the world. May they all get up to get down and find the boogie of their own beat.

  3. Merry Christmas to you Joe and the whole Family!
    Currently at 6:30am it is currently -32 in Thunder Bay!
    Yup Minus 32!
    Have a great day with the family

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