Depeche Mode In The Commode


I’m not claiming I’m some sort of genius or something* but it is interesting trawling through the 1537 how accurate my first impressions of LPs are/were/is be.  Sure, there are some great surprises occasionally, an album I like better now I’m all mature and wise and worldlyesque and, quite frankly, some LPs I just didn’t listen to properly/at all that do surprise me**.

When I inherited The Dead Milkmen Eat Your Paisley from my brother I was quite excited by it, the titles, the goofy lyric sheet, they looked good in the back cover picture and I knew I was going to get a good blast of funny punk.  Wrong.  I put it on, once, was fairly disgusted by the rubbish, weedy-sounding indie strummesquing and put it away for 19 years.


Well reader what do you think? was 2017 model 1537^ seduced by ‘The Thing That Ate Hippies’?

Was I bollocks! I am afraid to report that Eat Your Paisley remains a frustratingly ramshackle, underpowered experience and lyrically, with a couple of exceptions, I just find they grate – they’re not as daring, or cool as they should be.


Okay let’s do the positives, ‘The Thing That Only Eats Hippies’ is quite fun and bouncy almost verging on an under-produced B-52’s vibe and the travelogue of ‘Six Days’ is amusing but that’s about your lot.  Despite its title ‘Moron’ just isn’t much good but the opening stanza made me grin, if only it was attached to something with a bit more crunch:


There isn’t too much else to say for me here, other than just to note that 1998 me can nod sagely at, umm, me and say ‘I told you so’^^.  I understand why this isn’t a set of rip-snorting punk blasters, there were lots of other fools covering that particular base, for one.  I listened to it twice for y’all tonight and found myself Jonesing for Adrenalin O.D instead.

I need of course to point out that Eat Your Paisley is a far better LP than any I have ever produced, they got out there and did it, I just sit here typing in my tighty whities; The Dead Milkmen win, especially with that Depeche Mode line.


738 Down.

*that’s your jobs.

**Jimmy Cliff Struggling Man is the supreme example and, if I may say so, one of my favourite posts.

^with added maturity, baldness and anti-lock brakes.

^^smug sod that 1998 me, I’m not keen.

24 thoughts on “Depeche Mode In The Commode

      1. That should be a whole section in the record shoppes. Could you tell me where your “Meuurggh” section is? Back by the exhaust vent in that cobwebby corner? Perfect, thanks!

    1. Haha, you can’t knock that as a rhyme scheme can you. There’s a Beastie Boys song that rhymes commercial with commercial – to be fair commercial would be a harder one.

  1. I know the name, but can’t say I’ve ever paid much attention. My brother was into punk, so may well have been in his collection…

    But I do like it when I find my first impressions about an album are spot on. Even if it does suggest my tastes haven’t moved on much… I guess it’s just good to be right.

    1. I couldn’t agree more (not that I spotted that myself). I think the standard of education in US Punk bands from the 80s is deplorable.

      1. Exactly. What were they doing? Staring out the windows devising two-chord riffs and fantasising about cheer leaders I imagine. Or at least, that’s what I’d’ve been a-doin’.

    1. Can I just clarify, when I said I’d ‘send it with love’ I meant just general well-intentioned best wishes, I didn’t mean I was going to do something unsavoury to the package.

      1. Really, I wasn’t thinking anything weird. But now that you mention that I’m wondering what kind of awfulness you could put in there.

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