Sgt Fury’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Last month I was lucky enough to be given another large box full of (mostly) Marvel comics from the 60s, 70s and early 80s by my incredibly kind uncle Jim.  There was a great mixture of titles again, a load of Dr Strange, a bound collection of the DC title The Spectre who I always liked, Miracle Man and a load of very old Fantastic Four comics; none of which I’ve picked out to show you here!

Instead my friends, feast your eyes on Marvel Spotlight On Star-Lord, yup the one from The Guardians of The Galaxy film*, Peter Quill.

Marvel Spotlight Star-Lord

In fact while we’re on the subject how about the Guardians Of The Galaxy themselves? in the first issue of their own series (February ’75), featuring precisely none of the characters from the film.

Guardians of the Galaxy Comic

It does however feature some rather unsubtle chick-ogling.

Guardians of the Galaxy Comic 02

There is also the beautifully designed cover of Dazzler.  She was a nightclub singer, was overly girly, had the ability to light up, craved romance, but really, really rocked the one-piece look**.  I do love that cover though, it’s cleverly done.


Best of all though, certainly on today’s cursory trawl, was Not Brand Echh.  There are a whole load of them here dating back to the late 60’s and they are a ‘funny’ title (to use the jargon of the day) and seem to have been set up to rival Mad Magazine.  They hit more targets than they miss and what strikes me is just how much work must have been sunk into each busy issue.  I could do a whole series of posts just on Not Brand Echh, but what really caught my eyes were:

An appearance by the Beatles in full Sgt Pepper regalia:

Not Brand Echh 02

A story in which Medusa (here, Medoozy) falls for Bob Dilly and Bingo Starr… (click on the pix to read them properly):

Not Brand Echh 03Not Brand Echh 04

And the crowning glory of all, Sgt. Fury’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (again you’ll need to click to read properly):

Not Brand Echh Sgt Fury 01

Complete with skit lyrics, which feature hair-curling^ verses about ‘nips’ and ‘krauts’, mostly about socking it to them, ‘A splendid blast is guaranteed for all’.

Not Brand Echh Sgt Fury 02

I do rather like Thing’s message here though, something pretty timely for us all:

Not Brand Echh Bigot

661 Down (still)

*which I REALLY enjoyed.

**check out the cleavage separation – it looks like the band have broken up and they’ve both embarked on solo careers.

^by my lily-livered limey 21st century standards.

17 thoughts on “Sgt Fury’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

  1. Mind. Blown. That’s really amazing! I’d have been a gibbering puddle on the floor, were it me.

    I know he just gave you a goldmine, but what shape are they in? Can you put your kids and the neighbour’s kids through college with them?

    1. Not at all. He cut most of them up and bound them into volumes – they’re perfectly preserved, but worth almost nothing to a collector.

      Some of the SHIELD and Spider-Man ones I have would be worth hundreds of dollars each, if not. That Starlord one is a proper comic and worth at least $150 US.

      In one way it’s great because it takes away any temptation to cash in. Which I would have done, but felt bad about.

      I’ve told my kids that I really don’t care what happens to my LPs when I’m gone, as long as they make sure they get a fair price for ’em.

    1. The uniforms, the insistence on rules, the fact that there isn’t any lady in the Marvel universe below a D cup … It’s all falling into place now.

  2. I wish I had an uncle Jim as cool as your uncle Jim. These comics are simply amazing. Sgt. Fury’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band? Brilliant.

    Now, let’s talk about those Fantastic Fours.

    1. I know, it’s so kind isn’t it? They are incredible artefacts.

      I’m still totally obsessed with the adverts in them too.

      You particularly into FF? I got 60s and early 70s here. Including the first appearance of Galacticus. You need a separate post?

      1. I like the that era of FF. If there are requests being taken, then I’d most definitely love to see some pics and read your thoughts on them. I’m kind of voyeuristic that way.

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