Uncle Sam: Heaven or Hollywood (Reissue)

So, where to start?  Okay, meet my new friend, the gorgeously packaged 2015 reissue of Uncle Sam Heaven Or Hollywood CD.

Uncle Sam Heaven Hollywood 01

It’s lovely*, the sound is great, there are lots of neat new pictures inside and even two bonus tracks.  These are all very good things and this is the reissue this album so richly deserves.

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Uncle Sam were, as any 1537 ultra obsessive fan can tell you** one of my real hard rock faves from the early 90’s and a band I feel were unfairly overlooked, especially when you consider that Larry Miller their guitarist was kind enough to bite (an uncensored) copy of Heaven or Hollywood for me, backstage in Manchester!  How can you not love that? Prince never did that for his fans!

Larry read my post about seeing them live and sent me a comment about it; I’m still thrilled about that.  We’ve exchanged a few mails since then and Larry was kind enough to send me a copy of Uncle Sam’s last album, the Kim Fowley produced, Fourteen Women … Fifteen Days.  Which was a lovely present.  Then I got another comment from a chap who asked me to pass his details on to Larry because he was ‘trying to get in touch with Larry for possible Re-issue deal of old cds’, so I did.  Anyway, around Christmas that year Larry mailed me and told me that Minotaur were re-issuing Heaven or Hollywood, which was brilliant.

Uncle Sam Heaven Hollywood 05

Anyhoo, Larry mailed me a copy of this lovely reissue, with the uncensored cover and told me it wouldn’t have happened without me^, how cool is that?!  For a fan who just wanted to pay homage to one of his old faves, this was just a perfect train of events.  It seems like yesterday I first read about them in Kerrang!, ordered Letters From London^^, met Larry, Dave and Bill in Manchester before seeing them play … to this; 26 years, give or take.  I don’t mean for all of this to sound self-congratulatory at all^*, I’m just full of wonder and joy at it all.

Uncle Sam Heaven Hollywood 06

I’m a happy man, this is a real quality re-release, go and buy (at least) one copy.

646 Down (still)

*for a CD.

**think Swimfan but scarier and obsessier, with less shagging.

^I think he’s just being nice, they’d eventually have tracked him down without my help, but I’m damn flattered anyway!

^^I have such a strong memory of opening it on the way back up our farm track, in the sunshine.

^*unlike every other single post I’ve ever done here.

27 thoughts on “Uncle Sam: Heaven or Hollywood (Reissue)

  1. Wow! How cool is that? You were instrumental in getting one your favorite bands from the 90s albums reissued? Damn. One minute 1537 is on death’s door, the next your saving the future of rock and roll by cementing Uncle Sam’s discography for future generations.

    Well played, sir.

    I have to say, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Uncle Sam. I’m digging it, though. Sort of a hardcore/sleaze rock combo. Right up your alley!

    1. I know! I’m sure it would have happened eventually without me, but I got to play a little bit-part in their story. That’ll do me absolutely fine.

  2. This is properly cool, look at 1537 getting things done! Moving and shaking in the music biz! Attaboy. It’s always nice to have old favourites reissued, it’s like they’ve come back to town for a visit. And the bite marks are so hot.

    1. Yup I’m currently coordinating the rereleases of the back catalogues of my last five totally fictional bands. Look out for The Snot Monkey box set at your local store anytime soon.

  3. Alright, who are you and what have done with our beloved 1537? We all know this is a fake-out. Pfft, an evil silver disc CD. On his site? I’m alerting the proper authorities, whomever you are!

  4. A true rock’n’roll story, all that is needed now is drugs and unfettered carnal debauchery to go along or is that all part of the finders fee still to come.

  5. Gotta Love It When Your Heroes Bite Things Infront Of You…take that Ozzy!
    Nice little History of Rock lesson. For a sec I thought that pic of that dude was Aaron from the early 90s….hahaha

  6. You are hear-bye awarded the Excellently Excellent blog story for the first quarter of 2016. The award (a scratched up unplayable CD of Black Crows Amorica) is in the mail; teeth marks added gratis).

      1. Indeed.
        PS> As I know your copyright department will be onto this anyway, I’ll just point out that your name was taken in vain last VC post.
        I know, I know, the ‘cease and desist’ is in the mail.

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