Smells Like Canine Urine

The first reason I bought this album back in 1999 was for the band’s name, Dogpiss.  The second reason was the LP title, Eine Kleine Pünkmusik.  The third reason was the band’s brilliant, funny track ‘Erik Sandin’s Stand-in’ on the Short Music For Short People compilation*.  The fourth reason was that it involved the usual tangle of musicians from NE England that comprised a gaggle of my fave punkers, Snuff, Leatherface and Guns ‘n Wankers.  It seemed like one of those LPs that was pretty much pre-ordained for my shelves, between D’Molls and the Dogs D’Amour, and that I would worship every second of it.  Not quite.

Surely the most commercially viable LP cover / band name combo of all time?
Surely the most commercially viable LP cover / band name combo of all time?

Dogpiss’ sound is, in the main, a more melodic take on the churning hardcore-derived punk pop, partly coined by the likes of Snuff which was conquering the world by then courtesy of Green Day and their fiendishly clever trick of adding a bit of sunshine to the sound**.  Eine Kleine Pünkmusik is a good album but after about 20 minutes, or so I find myself switching off and looking for the differences between the tracks, it can get a touch formulaic – the saving grace being, as it often is, that it is a damn good formula and pretty easy on the ears.  The nearest comparator I would pick out would probably be Samiam, who I love.

Dogpiss 02

The best tracks here, for my money are ‘Mad Dog’ (Mad dog was a silly, silly man / O.D, B.O, Sex Pistols fan / Mad Dog is a super head / It’s Tenent’s ’til he wets the bed^) which has a great tune, heft and dynamics to it and the, unsurprisingly, metallic-but-damned-clever and sad ‘Metalone’.  The lyrics are intelligent and amusing throughout and how can anyone resist an LP with a song on it called ‘Nice Tits But Is It Art?’, I couldn’t.

Beware the out-of-focus dog!
Beware the out-of-focus dog!

So, Eine Kleine Pünkmusik is a good album but maybe just lacking the tunes or the bite that would boost it into being a must-have.  Great name and title though.

Dogpiss 04Dogpiss 05

633 Down.

PS – Dogpiss released an EP with the truly great title Smells Like Canine Urine, which I’ve just robbed.

*one of the GREAT modern punk LPs, 101 songs all of 30 seconds or less.  This track remains one of the all-time best songs about NOFX’s drummer EVER recorded and those of you who know me well, know that I would never bestow that title without good reason.

(the lyrics quoted are wrong, they should read ‘I wanna be Erik Sandin’s stand-in / Because he doesn’t half get his fucking gland in’ – these things are important for future historians)

**and not using the word ‘piss’ in their band name. Pah, careerists!

^reference to the national drink of Scotland, Tenent’s Super.

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  1. OMG OMG OMG I LOVE the Short Music disc! Yes yes yes! Oh so tasty!

    True Stroy: I once wrote to Fat and asked them when the hell they were gonna make a Vol. 2. Can’t remember if they replied, or if they did what it was. Time to write ’em again! Hey, if you do it too, maybe we can start a fire!

    If I saw this LP in the shops I would buy it without hesitation.

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