Just a quick one.  Making a comment on Boppins blog the other day, after he bullied me into buying my first CD of the year, I counted up the number of records I’d bought in 2015 so far.  Oh dear.


1537 104

Oh dear.  Okay so a bit of messing about on my Collectorz database* shows that 14 of those are 7″ singles – mostly thanks to the brilliant God Unknown Records, singles club, but even so, 90 LPs is a heck of a lot.  I’m half very proud, half a bit scared of how obsessive I really am and the third half worried about running out of space; do we really need that cooker? it takes up loads of potentially valuable shelf space and as for that washer? I could fit the K – L section in there, if we got the right shelves.

1537 Collection
Click to enlarge and spy on my shame.

Just think if I didn’t have the vinyl itch I’d be able to spend all my time swanking around in designer pastel suits (worn with loafers, no socks) and driving some wedge-shaped totally impractical car.  Oh dear.  And I’ve got Opeth Damnation, arriving next week …

Ah well, I’ll slow down next year. Honest.

616 Down.


*ever the wild one, me.

101 thoughts on “Oops, 104 Times

      1. I just got finished snorting JJ Cale- Trabadour followed by Eric Clapton- Slowhand. I am sure I got some kind of contact high.
        Don’t forget this fact, you can’t get it back.

    1. No you’re confusing that with spying on my naked shame – that’s a different thing entirely.

      The database is by Collectorz – it’s pretty good, with a couple of irritating things about the way it looks. I would recommend it, unless you know of a perfect one.

  1. You could make your wife a deal. For every 1000 records in the Kallax shelf, she can out in 1 knick knack. I think that is a fair cimpromise. You could get more moneynfor records by selling those useless table thingys too.

      1. I stash the boxes of MP3s in the attic when no-one’s looking. Am thinking of secretly tunnelling myself a basement Shawshank style, to stash LPs in.

      1. And I thought the record collectors of North Wales were REAL men.
        The only acceptable goal here (and I invite your legions of fans to comment) is encapsulated in the new Joe Slogan: “2016 in 2016”.

  2. There’s no shame! You, sir, are a COLLECTOR! You’ve made 104 assiduous choices this year and you have my full approbation. As for storage, just move the couch to the porch. 🙂

      1. Just the tape cover — the logo was embossed gold I think?

        There is one “holy grail” item she wants — the Spanish version of “Everything I Do”. She lost interest in BA recently, but up to the mid-90’s, I would say she has a complete collection of everything he ever released, sans that “Everything I Do” version.

      2. Yeah as far as I know. She had a taped copy off somebody, bad quality. It was a B-side in Latin America. I don’t know if it was ever issued on a collection of any kind. She kind of stopped caring about that kind of stuff.

      3. Yes. She had read about the single release with that version in a magazine and then located someone who had it. It was a cassette single release, if I recall. Different from our domestic one.

      4. Dude, I looked at every copy of that single on Discogs and didn’t see a Spanish version. Not even the releases from Spain.

        There is, hwever, an extended version of the song… I can’t even imagine…

      5. That’s real value for money.

        I ran out and bought that single the day it came out, without hearing it … I was so disappointed.

      6. Neat! I’ve seen so many copies of that thing, I probably saw the embossed one too and just left it – I own the damn thing on CD, LP and CS as it is! haha. Is the embossed one worth anything? Is it a promo or something?

      7. No I think it was just a fancy-dancy cassette pressing once the album had already been a hit and they could invest a little more in the cover packaging. Just a guess anyway. But her singles and stuff — those are scarce. “Reggae Christmas” for example.

      8. Not sure I like the sound of the ‘Bryan Adamix’, sounds like a killer pop rock robot with a boy-next-door charm, sent from the future to assassinate our political leaders and plunge the world into chaos.

      9. The only other Bryan Adams I have on LP is ‘Into the Fire’, which I bought as soon as it came out, thought was pants and now really like half of.

      10. The live version of the title track that he released as a music video — just brilliant. Maybe the best thing he’s ever done. This can be had on the Live Live Live album.

      11. He seemed cool to us! Jeans, jean jacket, always looked cool playing guitar and singing at once. He had that basic no nonsense image that now is maybe a little cliche, but back then I thought he was too cool for school.

      12. It’s excellent stuff. As far as his music goes, I was back on board for his MTV Unplugged CD which was really good. But then…he lost me.

        Was his song with Melanie C a big hit over your way?

      13. I’d defend ‘Hit me with your best shot’ and ‘Heartbreaker’ with the last breath in my body. Well, maybe third or fourth to last.

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