Just a quick one.  Making a comment on Boppins blog the other day, after he bullied me into buying my first CD of the year, I counted up the number of records I’d bought in 2015 so far.  Oh dear.


1537 104

Oh dear.  Okay so a bit of messing about on my Collectorz database* shows that 14 of those are 7″ singles – mostly thanks to the brilliant God Unknown Records, singles club, but even so, 90 LPs is a heck of a lot.  I’m half very proud, half a bit scared of how obsessive I really am and the third half worried about running out of space; do we really need that cooker? it takes up loads of potentially valuable shelf space and as for that washer? I could fit the K – L section in there, if we got the right shelves.

1537 Collection
Click to enlarge and spy on my shame.

Just think if I didn’t have the vinyl itch I’d be able to spend all my time swanking around in designer pastel suits (worn with loafers, no socks) and driving some wedge-shaped totally impractical car.  Oh dear.  And I’ve got Opeth Damnation, arriving next week …

Ah well, I’ll slow down next year. Honest.

616 Down.


*ever the wild one, me.

101 thoughts on “Oops, 104 Times

    1. No you’re confusing that with spying on my naked shame – that’s a different thing entirely.

      The database is by Collectorz – it’s pretty good, with a couple of irritating things about the way it looks. I would recommend it, unless you know of a perfect one.

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  1. You could make your wife a deal. For every 1000 records in the Kallax shelf, she can out in 1 knick knack. I think that is a fair cimpromise. You could get more moneynfor records by selling those useless table thingys too.

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      1. Just the tape cover — the logo was embossed gold I think?

        There is one “holy grail” item she wants — the Spanish version of “Everything I Do”. She lost interest in BA recently, but up to the mid-90’s, I would say she has a complete collection of everything he ever released, sans that “Everything I Do” version.

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      2. Yeah as far as I know. She had a taped copy off somebody, bad quality. It was a B-side in Latin America. I don’t know if it was ever issued on a collection of any kind. She kind of stopped caring about that kind of stuff.

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      3. Yes. She had read about the single release with that version in a magazine and then located someone who had it. It was a cassette single release, if I recall. Different from our domestic one.

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      4. Dude, I looked at every copy of that single on Discogs and didn’t see a Spanish version. Not even the releases from Spain.

        There is, hwever, an extended version of the song… I can’t even imagine…

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      5. Neat! I’ve seen so many copies of that thing, I probably saw the embossed one too and just left it – I own the damn thing on CD, LP and CS as it is! haha. Is the embossed one worth anything? Is it a promo or something?

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      6. No I think it was just a fancy-dancy cassette pressing once the album had already been a hit and they could invest a little more in the cover packaging. Just a guess anyway. But her singles and stuff — those are scarce. “Reggae Christmas” for example.

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      7. Not sure I like the sound of the ‘Bryan Adamix’, sounds like a killer pop rock robot with a boy-next-door charm, sent from the future to assassinate our political leaders and plunge the world into chaos.


      8. The only other Bryan Adams I have on LP is ‘Into the Fire’, which I bought as soon as it came out, thought was pants and now really like half of.


      9. Slightly off topic, but only a bit. Do you know Butch Walker ‘Summer of ’89’. Don’t be put off by the talkie bit at the beginning, I think this is a brilliant track:


      10. He seemed cool to us! Jeans, jean jacket, always looked cool playing guitar and singing at once. He had that basic no nonsense image that now is maybe a little cliche, but back then I thought he was too cool for school.

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      11. It’s excellent stuff. As far as his music goes, I was back on board for his MTV Unplugged CD which was really good. But then…he lost me.

        Was his song with Melanie C a big hit over your way?

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