I grew up fast on a working class street
First thing I learned was life don’t come cheap
Technical school it was a waste of time
Makin’ robots for some factory line

Fancy some rage? Go on, I’ve got some of the good stuff here, 100% proof, raw from-the-mean-streets of Coburg, Melbourne? Some real ‘you fucking lookin’ at me’ aggression? as a leftie vegetarian pacifist* this is just like playing dress up for me, so let’s crank Rose Tattoo Scarred For Life and party like its 1982, we haven’t bathed for a week, we’ve just been laid off from the logging plant and we’ve been drinking cleaning products cut with orange juice since 3am yesterday morning.

Rose Tattoo Scarred Life 02

If you don’t know Rose Tattoo, a quick scan of the cover will give you most of what you need, 5 really bad-ass hombres who just happened to make some real blue-collar hard rocking boogie for your delectation, but not in a cissy way, alright? I mean come on, look at ’em you’d definitely cross the road to avoid them – remember they got these tattoos way back when, way before every MF on earth had two whole sleeve tattoos and they truly marked you out as a dangerous outlaw.

Got my first tattoo when I was 16
The rebel had lost his teenage queen
I’d taken a stand for an outlaw’s life
My ma’s words kept ringin’, “Angry, you´re scarred for life”

Rose Tattoo Scarred Life 07

Scarred For Life isn’t quite up to the same mark as Assault & Battery, but it’s a close run thing.  The title track kicks things off with a tale of heartache, rebellion and tattoos (natch!).  I really like this one, it’s a fist-in-the-face challenge right from the off with that jack hammer riff, before the melody hits – the Tattoo boys at their best always had a real knack with a good tune and this has one, I’ve peppered this post with the lyrics from this one, but there is just one bit most of the way through where Mr A. Anderson, who sings brilliantly on this one, sings the lines, ‘I fought tooth and nail, every inch of the way / I got scars…to prove it’, that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end.

I spent some time a guest of the state
I got out and wanted to go straight
People don’t forgive, the police force don’t forget
I was jailed for crimes I did not commit

Then its time for one of my big teenaged anthems ‘We Can’t Be Beaten’, I used to play this all the time on my Walkman when our school team was on the bus to matches, over and over again** to psych myself up.  It’s simplistic, antagonistic and very simple, in quite a brilliant way, those gang-backing vocals just hit the spot for me, and man that bit where the music drops away … look you get the picture.

Rose Tattoo Scarred Life 05

Next up, after establishing their hard-man outlaw bona fides, Rose Tattoo turn their steely eyed gaze on the fairer sex on ‘Juice On The Loose’.  Oh yes, Mr Anderson is looking straight at ya baby, he likes what he sees and he’s got a subtle metaphor all, umm, cocked and ready, all he needs now is a bouncy rhythm and some slide geeetaww!   Watch out here he comes!

I need a trick, I need a kick
To get me runnin’ make my motor tick
Oh mama, c’mon stroke my goose
Yeah, stroke – stroke

Don’t need a pill, I need a thrill
I need a job where I can use my drill

Hmm, we’re not exactly talking Omar Sharif levels of sophistication here.  This is far more threatening than the fighting songs!  Imagine, it’s your first night in prison on a 9-year stretch and you just realize that the 6’9″ Mexican transvestite body-builder who’s your new cell mate, wants to take your relationship to the next level; that’s the overall effect here.

Rose Tattoo Scarred Life 01

Rose Tattoo Scarred Life 04

The next few tracks hit their straps with plenty of endeavour but not a huge amount of star-dust.  The bluesy ‘Texas’ comes on like ZZ Top’s developmentally arrested angry cousins and features yet more great slide guitar, ‘I’m goin’ down to Texas where the big breasted women grow’^.  I’m also pretty keen on the, you guessed it, angry ‘Dead Set’, but there are maybe 5 tracks here that are just filler and don’t really do it for me at all, mostly for tune-related deficiencies (T-R.D), which is why I don’t quite rate Scarred For Life as a whole.

I was scarred, Scarred for life
Been knocked around had a hell of a life
I was scarred, Scarred for life
I fought my way through the trouble and strife

But there is one I do have to mention, one that gives me a big chuck of disquiet, the last track on the album, ‘Revenge’.  It certainly isn’t crap, the music is a real evil dirty blues number and Anderson barks and hisses out the lyrics in a way that shows they mean a lot to him.  I’m not really a naïve chap, I know that an image like Mr Anderson’s tends to pitch you over into a very hard-right line of politics and here it is laid bare in all its venom.  Unions? evil; Immigrants? evil – particularly those from the East it would seem, ‘parasites‘; Government? evil.  It’s prophesied that blood will run in the streets.  Interesting stuff given that it’s barked out by a man who was himself half-Mauritian.  It’s the bands ‘One In a Million’ moment, as far as I’m concerned.

Rose Tattoo Scarred Life 03 (2)

It all conspires to leave a bad taste in my mouth, it always has for as long as I’ve owned this.  The band can write songs about whatever they want to, they have that right.  I’m not saying you have to share my own brand of lesbian pinko commie pro-environmentalism to find favour with me and I am conscious that had the band been singing against fascists, oppressive policing and corrupt capitalism, in exactly the same terms then I’d be cheering along loudly.  I recognize my essential hypocrisy here.  Maybe the difference is essentially one of societal power relations, ‘Revenge’ rails against minorities from a position of majority strength (albeit camouflaged behind that eternally self-justifying myth of the oppressed working man) and that is what rankles, I will always stand up against a bully, proudly.

So what does this say about the rest of my liking for Scarred For Life?  That I’m happy to go pick certain bits out of the mix and glorify the attitude and clenched fists, to laugh at the daft sexist bits in a knowingly ironic way, until it hits out at something I deem unacceptable?  I think I do and that as long as you are aware of the completely arbitrary, often contradictory processes and decisions involved then that’s an okay thing to do.

Rose Tattoo Scarred Life 06 (2)

Hell, I’m 1537, king-of-all-kings, ultimate arbiter of rock, bestower of accolades, slayer of giants and ruler of the nine planes and if I say there are 5 really good tracks here, a couple of them absolutely brilliant, then that is so.

591 Down.


*although not when there’s an oval ball involved.

**sadly, Mr Anderson and chums got it wrong, we very often were.  I wasn’t going to go and ask him for my money back though.

^I have been unable to verify the truth of this statement at the time of going to press, it seems implied that they’re being specially cultivated that way down near Amarillo.  I may have to investigate further.

32 thoughts on “C’mon Stoke My Goose

  1. “Hell, I’m 1537, king-of-all-kings, ultimate arbiter of rock, bestower of accolades, slayer of giants and ruler of the nine planes and if I say there are 5 really good tracks here, a couple of them absolutely brilliant, then that is so.”

    You know, I come here for the excellent reviews, but I stay for the modesty. 😉

  2. “…5 really bad-ass hombres who just happened to make some real blue-collar hard rocking boogie for your delectation, but not in a cissy way, alright? I mean come on, look at ’em you’d definitely cross the road to avoid them”

    Naw. They look like big teddy bears, to me.

      1. Haha I’ve seen scarier dudes in line at the post office, in my town. Lok at ’em! I’m not buying hairy and scary off any of them, really. It’s the eyes. The faces may say Tough but the eyes say ‘damn I could really go for a spot of tea right about now…’ I mean, look at that guy to far left of the cover, he’s practically hugging you with his eyes!

  3. The guy on the far right looks like Eddie Van Halen with a prison mullet.

    Yeah, I probably would’ve avoided this record. Something about all the tattoos and no guy that looks androgynous enough to make me feel mildly uncomfortable..it wouldn’t have been my bag, baby. But given all the talk here I may have to give it a listen and see what happens.

    The vision of you being chased by skinheads on cobblestone streets as your long hair flowed effortlessly behind you really sorta makes this post all the better. “Happy Jack” needs to be playing as this happens…or Y&Ts “Keep On Running”.

      1. They were a close-knit fighting crew, not lovers, honestly! Yup, all that entwining isn’t remotely suspicious. I’m only daring to type this since most of the guys have passed.

  4. Bit of a bizarre pose for a bunch of mean and angry right wing leaning chaps, eh? Loads of hard eyes and, eh, y’know, holding. Tattoo love. Or something.

  5. I really wanted to listen to this until you got to the part about them being Nazis. That tends to be a big turnoff for people. Hell, I can barely stand Ted Nugent or post-baptism Megadeth because of the politics.

  6. This is the first I’ve heard of them and it’s good to know that lesbian pinko environmentalism can align with evil dirty blues*.
    Since I haven’t heard the music the context may be lost but some of the lyrics here seem pretty good. Some read like rap to me. From your review I’m guessing that this observation may not be appreciated. 🙂
    So, you listened to this album en route to rugby matches?
    *I didn’t know there were evil dirty blues in the world.

  7. I’m with you all the way here, I’d have swerved that following like a shot too. Although as a member of a number of anti-fascist groups in my student days I’ve spent more than my fair share of weekends being chased around grim neighbourhoods by skinheads, my long hair flowing gracefully out behind me (luckily I have a fair turn of pace).

    I read that about Angry and you’re right it does give things a context, I was very surprised to learn he was mixed-race too.

    PS – I have no idea what you’re referring to and anyway even if I did I’d probably just mutter something about it being a really tough match and your lot being a bunch of lucky so-and-sos.

    PPS – I really like everything I know about David Pocock btw. – what a man!

  8. I remember when the Tatts (as they are affectionately known downunder) played pubs in Melbourne. It allowed lily-livered pseudo-intellectuals (like me, of course) to map which areas of town never to venture into. In addition to the volatile right wing lyrics, the Tatts had a large skinhead following. Those scary and violent youths (and that’s the girls) followed many of the same neo-nazi ideals as their UK brethren.

    Angry eventually disclosed childhood sexual abuse, which contextualised the anger tellingly. He is much less strident these days, but still very conservative politically. The contrast with other bald Aussie music icon Peter Garrett couldn’t be more marked.

    PS. Was that the difference on the weekend? The Wallabies played ‘We Can’t Be Beaten’ loudly on the bus and the Welsh didn’t?

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