Houses Of The Wholly Holey (Slight Return)

Wow! Ladies and gentlemen! Can I just take a moment of your time to say how much I’ve enjoyed every last little bit of your feedback on my last post, it was brilliant*.  I genuinely don’t think I have ever taken a viewpoint so far removed from that of my audience, the love that you all seem to have for Houses of The Holy is immense and quite surprising to me.  But I love the way we’ve all agreed to disagree and ogle the Lego** – if only nations could be run this way.

Led Zeppelin 02

So thank you all, I’m off to write my next few controversial posts:

  • The Beatles: they had that one good song about an octopus, but the rest was bollocks.
  • Miles Davis Bitches Brew: it’d be great if it wasn’t for all that crappy trumpet.
  • AC/DC: the poor man’s Krokus.
  • ‘D’yer Mak’er’: that Bob Marley was just a big copycat.
  • Metallica Master of Puppets: way funnier played at 45rpm.
  • Music? it’s all a bit overrated really.
  • Canada – why?

Stay tuned folks and thanks again.

Led Zeppelin 01

369 Down (Still)

P.S – Don’t get any ideas folks – I’ve left a note that in the event of my sudden disappearance you’re the suspects, you fanatical loons – the guard hasn’t been let down yet!

*feedback, not post – I’m not quite that monomaniacal yet.

**ogle and Lego are anagrams – surely no coincidence!

38 thoughts on “Houses Of The Wholly Holey (Slight Return)

    1. On third glance, I think maybe you were trying to make it look like he’s behind the barricade with Boaby. And if that’s true, that’s a reflief. I mean, the hippie didn’t have to die. He only wanted to give out flowers at the show, maaan.

      1. (checks taser is primed, before approaching overly-emotional man)

        It’s okay, there’s nothing to see here, the hippy was merely behind the barrier and slightly out of scale compared with Mr & Mrs Plant (watching The Band). OR he could have a traumatic back story involving ‘Nam – your call.

      2. Taser? Hahahaha whoa! Awesome. Let’s go get Rob Ford…

        Overly emotional? Naw. It’s Friday night. I’m in me cups. 😉

        What’s funny is I figured it out and replied to myself before you could reply to me.

        I like the tragic’ ‘Nam backstory idea. I mean, you’ve gotta admire the guy for going through such hell and then going to a concert to hand out flowers. Flower power!


    Oh man, thanks for the morning chuckle. Once again I know where to go for funny musical posts!

    Canada, why?

    I’ll tell you why.

    Somebody has to drink all this beer.

  2. Don’t worry, it’d be Prince ahead of you if we’re talking disappearances… Besides, I don’t know where (looks at map of UK) “over there” you live…LMAO

    And why Canada? Two words: Mike Ladano. lol

      1. Indigenous only to one small corner of the province, the rare and elusive South Western Ontario Bearded Lebrain moves elegantly through his habitat. As I’ve noted before elsewhere, few ever see this specimen, and fewer still get a photograph.

    1. To be fair, Lego have always chosen the best exemplars of humanity to immortalise – Abraham Lincoln, Shakespeare and Cornick. I’m really, really hoping they bring out a Claude Schnell figure next year.

    1. Jeez! You’ve done it again and named my band after next, ‘Cod Reggae Dissident’ – or C.R.D, a bunch of heavily-tattooed political hardcore behemoths. Oh yes! First LP? ‘We Really Don’t Like Cricket!’

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