Y’all Can Kick Me When I’m Dead

Nashville Pussy get Some 01
What can it all mean? some metaphor about games and life, maybe?

I can take a lickin’
And I’ll come back kickin’
I’m kentucky fried
But I ain’t no chicken        (from ‘Going Down Swinging’)

Desolation Row? After the Goldrush? Let It Be? Grace? Gimme Shelter? Hallelujah? Nahhhhh, not today thanks …..

I wouldn’t walk across the street
To see an ant eat a bale of hay
Yeah, But I’d drive all night just to hear a guitar play
Tell you baby

I said Come on, Come on, Come on Fuck You !
Come on, Come on, Come on
Come on, Come on, Come on Fuck You !
Come on, Come on, Come on, yeah          (from ‘Come on Come on’)

Nashville Pussy get Some 07
Blaine Cartwright

Nashville Pussy Get Some, is exactly where I’m at today.  This 2005 masterpiece has a message for all of us in these troubled times, something that if it was embraced by all would make the world a better place. It’s not a particularly complex message either, I’m sure if all the nations of the Earth had a mind to, it could be implemented globally within the week.  It’s just a return to those good old fashioned values of drinking, rocking , fighting and fucking.  I’m a bit unclear on the finer details but basically that’s all we need.

Nashville Pussy get Some 02

I love Nashville Pussy, I love the fact they’re a great big 3D cartoon of a band; but a great big 3D cartoon of a band kicking out some truly righteous music.  Basically we have lots of fun here with the fact that pussy is a word that grandma really wouldn’t approve of, just check out the LP cover! That great line about Nashville Pussy being two guys you really wouldn’t want to fuck with and two girls you really … still bears true.  By the time Get Some rode into view their music had developed a little from the mighty, mighty Let Them Eat Pussy LP and it’s mash of hardcore, Motörhead and AC/DC, to incorporate a few more hard rock influences, but not by much; like those bands you have to be pretty bright and very suss to act this dumb.  They just make me smile and that’s worth a lot.

Nashville Pussy get Some 05

Weed and jack for my last meal
With xanax wrapped in bacon
And y’all can kick me when I’m dead
To prove that I’m not faking                    (from ‘Good Night For a Heart Attack’)

But it would be nothing without some proper tunes and we have those in spades.  My favourite on the LP is ‘Come On Come On’, as quoted above – in the unlikely event that I ever become Prime Minister I will hire Nashville Pussy to play this at my inauguration and that’s a promise voters! It’s just got a chorus so catchy that it should have been a massive radio hit, if it wasn’t for all that swearing making it completely unbroadcastable, that is.  I play this track a lot when the kids aren’t around.  The other 1537 fave here is the epic, Hate and Whisky’, it’s sort of like ‘We Shall Overcome’ but for terminally curdled small-town alcoholics.  The band even seriously rock a cover of ‘Nutbush City Limits’, before finishing off the album with a great cover of Ace Frehley’s ‘Snowblind’.

Nashville Pussy get Some 06

I’d stress though, that fun as they are, Nashville Pussy are no novelty act at all they are an excellent kick-ass band.  As always Ruyter Suys lays down some awesome lead guitar, whilst husband, Blaine cartwright barks out the words and Jeremy Thompson smashes his drums to smithereens.  The occupant of the ‘Amazonian-proportioned-female-bassist’ seat for Get Some was Karen Cuda.

Nashville Pussy get Some 09

Okay so there isn’t a vast amount that needs writing here, I just think it’s a tragedy that Beavis & Butthead missed out on Nashville Pussy – can you imagine how much they’d have loved them? They rock, they make me smile.  If they tour anywhere near you supporting their new LP, the brilliantly titled, Up The Dosage go see them, it’s an incredible night out and they might be just what you need too.

Nashville Pussy get Some 04

So sorry Satan
Don’t take this personally
Things are getting kinda
Dull down there
Hell ain’t what it used to be   (from ‘Hell Ain’t What it Used to be’)

Karen Cuda
Oooohh … Karen Cuda (can be sung to the tune of Heart’s ‘Barracuda’

357 Down.

Nashville Pussy get Some 091
Jeremy Thompson

21 thoughts on “Y’all Can Kick Me When I’m Dead

      1. Gotta have just the right delivery. A band that opens an album with a song called “Pussy Time” I’m sure has the delivery thing down pat.

      1. Rather than a arm wrestle over the prevalence of hard rock down under, I guess I should clarify that my problem is not the ‘rock’ part. It’s the sexism and objectification of women part, the anger fist-in-ya-face part and the confluence of those two in terms of violence towards women. If you can enjoy it as a grown-up cartoon, maybe OK. Maybe not so fine if it provides an embedded role model or social template.
        But maybe I’ve missed something.

        (I’m keenly aware of transgressing the ‘keep it light’ tone. Feel free to
        delete this).

      2. Oh no I agree entirely, but I do enjoy it as a big silly teenage cartoon and I get a real sense that the band do too. It’s in the same league as AC/DC’s giant inflatable busty ladies and Spinal Tap’s ‘What’s wrong with being sexy?’

        I think as long as you can employ a critical eye/ear and have a sense of perspective then it isn’t an issue. I can, I would hope, spot when it slides from parody into misogyny.

        Mrs 1537 has just said she agrees wholeheartedly with you and that I should grow up – but hey, that’s what happens when you don’t keep Sheila’s busy enough with the housework and they have enough leisure time to read your comments!

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