If you surf the bargain bins at record shops, gambling on covers and song titles by bands you know nothing about (particularly true pre-internet) then 8/10 times you come a cropper, occasionally, just occasionally you win and walk out of the shop, Crash Records in Leeds in 1992 in this case, with a real gem under your arm; more importantly a real cheap gem.  One of my best successes was Gear Daddies Let’s Go Scare Al, bought solely because of a) the title b) the brilliant clown photo on the back cover c) the fact one track was called ‘Heavy Metal Boyz’.  When I got it home my thought process ran as follows:

  1.  Eek! It’s country! (the word ‘Americana’ not being around then, or at least not in Leeds anyway)
  2.  Cool, there’s swearing.
  3.  Eek! It’s still country.
  4.  This is semi-brilliant.

#4 stuck.  I’d never heard of this band before and until about an hour ago I hadn’t looked them up at all.  I like them, they sang of normal lives and situations nothing too far removed from all of us.

The highlights are the brilliant, wistful ‘Heavy Metal Boyz’, the best lyric I can think of about going home where you grew up*, its companion piece is ‘She’s Happy’ a well-written non-patronising tale of simple joy in ordinary things.  I also like the track ‘Strength’ where Martin Zellar pours everything he has into the vocal, cracking with emotion towards the end and the sloppy ‘Drank so Much (Just Feel Stupid)’ and ‘Blues Mary’.  I also really enjoy ‘Boys Will be Boys’ and it’s tale of a put-upon woman looking for love but only finding the old truths about men, ‘She’s fucked again and she don’t know why / She’s loves him still she’s just keeps on trying / All she wants are things that everyone needs / But she knows… Yeah she’s fucked again’.

The song-writing lapses into the average at times, but all the above are good and get regular rotation on my iPod.  Overall though this LP was a great find and worth the £2.50 for the back cover picture alone, which is the best one I can think of off hand.

119 Down.GD1

*here it is in it’s full glory, I love it.

Every time I come here
I count the hours until I leave
Used to call this home once
Now I find it hard to believe

God, how I hated that radio  station
Still going strong I hear
My only real salvation
A few good friends and beer

I never did understand these small town people
Their trailer courts, their simple joys
The heavy metal boyz

Way back in high school
I’d count the hours until graduation day
Don’t want to hurt my parents
Just have to move away

I never did understand these small town people
Their trailer courts, their simple joys
The heavy metal boyz


4 thoughts on “Heavy Metal Boyz

    1. Americana clowns? See what you mean. I love that picture, something to do with the stubble showing under the make-up.

      No body seems to have heard of the Gear Daddies, although their web site suggests otherwise, some very well-written songs here though. Some good swearing too.

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