Ever wanted to hear a funnier Pink Floyd crossed with a politer version of Megadeth? of course you have, step right this way folks.

Galactic Cowboys Galactic Cowboys this was a neat promo 12″ I picked up from a specialist record shop in Manchester in 1991, as always, following a review in Kerrang! and a reference to King’s X in the blurb on the back (GC were also produced by Sam Taylor).  I played both tracks about twice and promptly forgot about it until now, when I was looking for something short to write about that wouldn’t tax my Lego resources too much.  I don’t remember ever hearing anything about the band ever again.

Shame because this is good, it seems people have always sought to produce heavier versions of Floyd, Queensryche leap to mind (concept-wise, at least) and there are Dream Theatre and Porcupine Tree (neither of which I have ever bothered to listen to – oh yes, this is precisely the in-depth, highly-informed analysis you have come to know and, umm, barely tolerate from me).  Galactic Cowboys did the same, ‘Speak to me’ takes the acoustic bits of ‘Wish You Were Here’ and then adds roughly 7 minutes of mildly thrashy rock before returning to the Floydian beginning, they sound like a just heavier King’s X to me.  It works better than I’ve made it sound but it is a little too mannered for my tastes, it’s the other side that is the special one here.

‘I’m not Amused’ begins with a cow mooing, chucks in some harmonica, some sub-Megadeth thrashing, some flamenco-style guitars and a bit of shouting, to provide 6:21 of fun.  Yes, I am amused, greatly so in fact.  Some of the stylistic collisions remind me of the funnier bits of Muse, which is no bad thing.

I’m glad I rediscovered this one.

71 Down.

2 thoughts on “Whither Galactic Cowboys?

  1. I had their one album from that time. I remember ‘I’m Not Amused’, but that’s it. I bought the album because of the Kings X connection. Now I’ll have to look this up and listen to it again. I remember some flashes of greatness amidst some mediocre parlor tricks.

    My senior year all over again.

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