Mellow Honeytrap Car Theft Deterrent Operation

At the risk of being repetitive, here’s another great neglected 12″: Definition of Sound Pass the Vibes, sent to me to review in October 1995.  I’ve not listened to the LP this was on in about 15 years (I only have it on the-format-that-dare-not-speak-its’-name) but I listen to this track a lot still.

Definition of Sound (or DoS, hereafter), despite the name have a ludicrously difficult sound to define.  If you took a great big vinyl cauldron of infinite grooviness added a touch of hip-hop, a pinch of trip-hop, half a tablespoon of chilled dance, a teacup of Dave Gilmour’s guitar playing and the tiniest measure of swing – you’d only be halfway to baking this spellbinding tune.  I don’t mean that it sounds half-baked or cobbled-together, it is a far smoother affair than that; although my memory of the album this was taken from, Experience, was that it didn’t work so well on a sustained basis.

This tune is a smooth, smooth ride from beginning to end, sung rather than rapped it is the tale of hot sisters, hazy memories of a previous nights’ excess and a semi-honey trap car theft deterrent operation – oh yes, come on we’ve all been there right? Buy it now people, and see exactly what I mean about the bit that sounds like a very hip and happy Dave Gilmour 3 note guitar solo.  Buy it now and play it on your daily commute just to kick back and enjoy the ride, no matter how grim the destination.  Buy it now and slob around your apartment in your unchanged loungewear for days on end, relaxing in that ever-so special way you do.  Buy it now and put it on repeat play whilst you have a special cuddle with the one you love, or ones – I don’t judge you.  Buy it now – heed me, I am a force for good in your life (as DoS will be, given half a chance). Honest.

The B-sides? two remixes, one by Trip Logic (Tripped Up Mix) and one by C-Swing (C-Swing Mix). the first one is a faster, club-beated (I’m a bit new to this) version which I had not listened to since the day I got this and the latter is, well at the risk of writing off a whole sub-genre through ignorance (even though I think it’s a pants one), a New Jack Swing sort-of-thing which takes every single thing I like about Pass the Vibes, chucks it out the window and then soils the remains repeatedly.  Stick with the original, DoS knew what they were doing using it as the A-side.

48 (Mellow) Down.

Poorly-photographed shadow-bunnies rule!
Poorly-photographed shadow-bunnies rule!

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