Simply because when you isolate and crossbreed the right strains of it you come up with a riotously smart/dumb, essentially teenage concoction that is violent and funny.  You can’t do that with Balinese nose flute ensembles.  True story.

I won’t repost the Red Fang vidz here, I have bothered you with them enough – although they do make a cameo in one of my all-time favourites right here.  1,455,683 views? that’s mostly me.  I love Iron Reagan unreservedly and not just for all the Municipal Waste links – the drumming at 1:27 is worth the price of admission alone:

Oh, did someone mention Municipal Waste? This is an absolute belter from Slime and Punishment:

Genius from Obituary here featuring a wealth of movie cameos – oh and Lemmy as God:


… Which is even better because it is the sequel for this one:

Sorry, I’ll stop now, apologies for dragging you down the same YouTube wormhole that has been, very enjoyably, taking all my time away tonight.


808 Down(still).

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  1. Hey, I’ve been meaning to ask if you’ve ever heard Red Fang. If not, you might dig ’em. Some guy in Wales has been talking about ’em a lot the last couple years.

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