My wife’s ticket to see Iron Maiden on 12 October 1986 at the Liverpool Empire was £6.50.

My ticket to see Iron Maiden on Saturday was £65 and I didn’t even get a paper ticket to show for it.


Liverpool Empire 1986

760 Down (yet again).

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    1. … I do unfortunately.

      As an aside, I sit opposite two ladies at work one of whom paid 80p to see Elton John and got to meet him afterwards (far back in the mists of time), the other of whom has just paid £180 to see him from a distance recently.

  1. Your titles are always great Joe – this one is among the best!
    Though ironically(?), despite the large supply of great titles, it seems to be in perfect equilibrium with our demand for your great titles, so there’s no inflationary spiral happening there 🙂

  2. I hear you, man. I balked at seeing Metallica in Toronto this summer. Floor tix were about $200 (£114). I mean, I love the new record, but c’mon. And that was in the Skydome or whatever the hell they call it now, where the sound is SHITE. It’s a big concrete bowl, it’s gonna suck.

    Services and taxes all in, I paid $120 (£68) to see Maiden at the Air Canada Center last April, and we got free-upgraded to rail-front seats in the lounge with full table service and bar.

    1. I think you made the right choice – you’d be paying to see a great band who are backing a very good record, but who aren’t what they used to be – I’d have spent the whole gig thinking about the ticket price if I’d paid that much.

      1. When I said no, I believe my words were (paraphrasing a bit): Man, that’s 1/3 of a mortgage payment for the ticket alone! Then you gotta get to Taranna and back*, have a meal, a drink, consoder a t-shirt… aw hell no.” Ahem.

        * a 2.5 hour drive for me, so 5 hours’ driving total, the back half done stone deaf, high on second hand pot, and on the edge tired as all hell but jittery from excitement. We did that coming back from Maiden last spring. In a frickin’ whiteout snowstorm. Yeesh.

      1. I’ve just been told she had 5 goldfish called Bruce, Steve, Adrian, Nicko and Dave – she’s far too cool for me.

    1. I wanted a huge ticket with a big hologram of Eddie doing something mean on it. No such luck. So I’ve just had to put my wristband inside my copy of ‘Women in Uniform’ and leave it at that.

  3. Didn’t that get you on the floor though? That’s a killer deal. We paid about the same for nosebleed Bob Seger tickets a few years ago. Some groups like the Eagles and Elton John are too expensive for me to even buy the nosebleed tickets.

    1. I know it is, in the grand scheme of things – its just that I tend to only go see quite small shows, so the price was a bit of a shock.

      I have a friend at work who is really into hip-hop and R&B and the prices she pays to see the big shows are just terrifying to me.

      I know there are arguments about the cost of putting on shows and how bands used to tour at a loss in order to fund record sales and that’s just not much of an income for them anymore, but I couldn’t face paying much above £65 (or afford to, either!) for something that wasn’t a festival.

      1. I really like seeing NIN. They always have a great light show to compliment the music so you know where your ticket money went.

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