Red Fang – Shadows

There I was trying to write a wonderfully crafted, finely nuanced review of something or other on a Friday night and it just wasn’t working, I couldn’t sustain my word on.  Hey, it happens, I am tired and stressed after the working week.  I was just about to pack it all in and then I get an eMail from Relapse Records and Shazam! I was having fun again, courtesy of one of my favourite bands, Red Fang.

I always love their videos, they’re full of debauchery, wit and probably some more wit again.  If you don’t enjoy this then I’m afraid we can’t hang out together.

Best of all? I’m going to go and see them 3 weeks tonight!


688 Down (again).

PS: possibly my fave, non-titillating music video ever (just in case you need reminding), it’s also almost exactly the same story as above, as the band say at the end of ‘Shadows’:

34 thoughts on “Red Fang – Shadows

  1. Your concert schedule is something to admire and be jealous of. You are a rock and roll warrior of the highest order. I’m prematurely geriatric.

    You put me onto these guys awhile back. Great stuff, and a great video. Have a great time at the show, too!

    1. It’s funny this year, there’s been nothing I’ve been arsed about seeing at all and then suddenly there’s about 6 gigs I want to get to in a 3 month spell.

      Love/Hate next March too!

      1. I would at least hope the singer and guitarist are left. Dizzy or something? And I would say it’s the 25th anniversary. Think it came out in 1991. My senior year.

        The wife and I are traveling a mere hour at the end of October to see Steve Vai at the Honeywell Center in Wabash, IN. It’s for the 25th anniversary of the release of Passion and Warfare. My inner 14 year old can barely contain his excitement.

  2. Ok, not familiar with Red Fang, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Predator! That shot with the linking hands and meat arms didn’t blow past me! Then the comic tied it all together!

  3. Did I ever tell you about the time I was gonna see these guys in concert? The line-up went: Red Fang / Dillinger Escape Plan / Mastodon.

    Alas, we got to the venue a bit late, and we were going in the door as Red Fang were loading out and Dillinger was already on-stage. So, my Red Fang story is mostly no story at all. 🙁 I have to assume, though, that they were awesome.

      1. I told my wife I’m off to Portland to see Red Fang.
        “1537 told me it’s 10 miles away so I’ll be back shortly.”
        I’m really glad I have you to help me with geography, and life lessons as well.

      2. Not a problem. I’m just happy to help. It’s not all boobs, comics and vinyl here. Well, okay, so it is mostly but I’m great at geography too.

      3. I think I heard Tiger Woods use that term before.

        Well anyhoo, I’m off to Portland today.
        I only have enough cash for 1 tank of fuel, so I’m glad I have you to help me.

      4. I don’t see anything that could possibly ever go wrong with that. You may want to take a can of coke and a bag of potato chips, just in case it’s a bit of a long 10 miles.

      5. I’ve already gone way more than 10 miles.
        However, I am going to ask these hillbilly types playing dueling banjos for directions.
        I think I may have passed 2 guys that looked like Ned Beatty and Burt Reynolds.
        I have to go as these fine gents want me to do my best pig impression.

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