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I’m always a bit wary of writing about an LP too soon after getting it, especially from someone you really like because the tendency for me is to gush and tell you how incredible it is, before schlepping it back on the shelf and forgetting all about it for 9 years until you remember it again on a whim and think, ‘I guess I wasn’t too into that one, really’. Or, of course, playing it a bit thinking ‘that’s ok’ and suddenly realising 2 years later that it is, in fact incredible.  Being a reserved man-type creature thing anyway, it takes me about 3 years to process anything satisfactorily.  Which is why, ladies and gentlemen I can stand before you today and confidently proclaim Atoms For Peace Amok as a work of pure genius, whereas in 2013 it fetched up #4 in my annual list*.

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When Thom Yorke decided to put together a band to play his solo stuff**, unlike you or I would do, he didn’t have to put an advert in the local paper for ‘Paranoid singer with supra-apocalyptic worldview seeks bassist and drummer to play funny computer guitar music, no time wasters, dickwads or Mumford & Sons fans’, no he just got out that special address book you get when you officially become a famous dude and dialled Flea and Joey Waronker from Beck’s band.  Better still, they just decided to hang out and bash out an LP, whilst doing all those crazy rock star things like staying up ’til midnight, eating cereal straight out of the box, and returning their library books late.

Atoms For Peace Amok 09c

As all manner of super groups through the ages have shown just sticking some talented chaps together in a room doesn’t necessarily get you the next OK Computer, no matter how much dope you smoke and township jive you listen to.

Right from the opening bars of, ‘Before Your Very Eyes …’ it’s very obvious that everything has gelled and you’re in the presence of something very special indeed when you spin Amok.  The rhythm is fast, high in the mix, the skittering guitar is very African sounding, the Divine Whine is in great form and then when Flea’s bass starts to pick out a pattern underneath everything it just gets too much for me.  The electronics lift up the track, they don’t overwhelm it and the overall effect is warm and complex, you can get happily lost in the spaces of ‘Before Your Very Eyes…’.

Atoms For Peace Amok 06

Yorke said in interviews that he was interested in pushing his music to the point at which you can’t tell the men from the machines, the synthesised from the real and that’s certainly borne out here.  If you take the track ‘Amok’, you can seriously twist your melon working out which is which, to the point where you realise that there’s simply no point in keeping those distinctions at all, the band and Nigel Godrich win.  The laptop is in here, but it’s just another instrument in the set-up and by no means the dominant one either. There’s something about the pulsing, descending poly rhythmic spirals on ‘Amok’ that absolutely beguile and bewitch me – it’s the sonic equivalent of lying on a rug in the warm sunshine, watching the clouds drift on over the sky. More than a good track, it’s an experience.

Atoms For Peace Amok 09

The closest to a conventional song on Amok is the swoonsome ‘Judge Jury and Executioner’, which seems to be built on the chassis of a mutant folk song and even has a touch of that Radiohead about it, underneath the divine choir of fallen angels, percussion and atmospherics.  It is by far the shortest track on offer and the punchiest too.  The furthest away we get is ‘Unless’, which ups the skittering breakbeat factor (SB-bF) by 54.7% and ends up riding off into the wide blue yonder on a foundation of studio warped bass and what sounds like Jean Michel Jarre playing all the bass synth lines from Oxygene simultaneously on a broken synth.  It’s dense and has that machine sheen down to a tee, but not without a human touch.

Atoms For Peace Amok 09b (2)

Atoms For Peace Amok 09a

My favourite track today^ is easily ‘Stuck Together Pieces’ which is the track where Flea’s work is most prominent.  The music is the most delicate and fragile on the whole album and Yorke’s voice is quiet, moderated, melodic, resigned and borne aloft on a simpler groove here.  Maybe world-weary would be a better description? especially with the sentiments expressed,

Why be rain when you could be sun?
Why tie yourself to anyone?
Why be here when you’d rather be somewhere else?
Well I know but I don’t care

The track feels short even at five and a half minutes, I could have stood it for another ten at least, riding it through the stratosphere on its’ vapour trail.

Atoms For Peace Amok 07

Atoms For Peace Amok 02

I will spare you the full track-by-track, mostly because I’d hate to bore you and partly because I can’t think of many synonyms for ‘poly rhythmic’.  Amok is, as I may have mentioned, a fantastic LP.  There is so much to explore and experience in these grooves, you can literally spend a pleasurable span getting lost in it, maybe by 2019 I will have fathomed and plundered all its secrets.  More to the point, it isn’t just an intellectual exercise there is a warmth and humanity in here that makes it all the more worthwhile.

Atoms For Peace Amok 03

But enough of the superficial stuff, we all know that albums aren’t about the music*^.

When Amok was released there was a very limited version in a triple foldout foil-embossed, debossed sleeve, all the better to showcase Stanley Donwood’s brilliant linocut artwork ‘Lost Angeles Lost’, an apocalyptic vision of L.A being struck by comets, fire and flood, a perfect visual corollary of the music.  I was too slow though and had to make do with the excellent ‘normal’ version instead, which comes with a handy CD of the album too.  When I really got into the album I could have kicked myself for missing the earlier, albeit more expensive issue of it, still life’s too short to pine over spilt milk after the horse has bolted and all that jazz.  Until one morning there was an email saying they’d unearthed a minute quantity of the original version, reader did I hesitate? baring in mind that I already, effectively have the music twice over by then? did I fuck!

Atoms For Peace Amok 08
Angst Panda rides the comet

I’m glad too, the cover is just immense.  Donwood’s art is brilliant anyway but to see it in all its foil-embossed glory is magnificent.  To have extra bits on the LP inner sleeves is better still (the other LP’s ones are plain).  I’ve been reading about the original artwork here on the artist’s highly entertaining website, the original prints are 18 feet long! I’ve not played this copy of Amok yet and probably never will but owning it gives me a warm downstairs fuzzy feeling; hey-ho a collector’s life for me.

Atoms For Peace Amok 05

652 Down.

PS – just watch how much fun they’re having here – in particular the beginning of the second track with Thom’s freaky-freak on dancing.  Just see what an incredibly tight band they are too.

*moron, that I am.

**which I find a bit too electronicky, personally.  I like the man, but his solo music less so.

^which differs from the one yesterday and the one on Sunday^^.

^^I’ve been trying to write about Amok for about a week now!

*^I only found out last week that you can, apparently ‘play’ records using something called a ‘turntable’ – who knew? I thought they were just for ogling.

23 thoughts on “Before Your Very Ears

  1. Very much enjoyed your post here about some music you like, but ….. Did the LP come with those postage stamps or did you score them separately? Are they real or reprints? How freaking cool is it to have those stamps??!! I’d be willing to buy one at TRIPLE face value!

    1. You Americans, throwing your riches around!

      They are originals. I bought them on eBay when I was looking to buy the LP; when I searched for ‘Atoms For Peace’ – I hadn’t known where the phrase had come from.

      Stamps and LPs, hmmm – could be a market there.

  2. Outdone yourself with the pics on this one, mister. Proper ace.

    Believe it or not, I’ve yet to fall in love with this one. Passed me by, actually, and I only got ’round to getting to know it recently. Dare say it’s only a matter of time before I’m gushing over it, though. I will say this, though: it’s the best thing Flea has done since his appearance on Kettle Whistle.

    P.S. I was mighty underwhelmed by the new Radiohead …

    1. Cheers J! I couldn’t agree more about Flea, but there again I’m really not a RHCP fan, at all, ever.

      I think the Radiohead video is loads better than the music.

      1. I got on board to RHCP bus at One Hot Minute and got off at Californication. Detour to Blood Sugar Sex Magic, of course … but no, I don’t dig much of what they’ve done and One Hot Minute is the only lasting album for me. Mainly cause of Navarro, really. He turned that band into something else.

        Radiohead: in full agreement. Video ace, song not so much. Just felt that it fails to go anywhere or do anything before it ends.

  3. I’m jealous you got a copy of that beautiful limited edition embossed copy of ‘Amok’. I wanted that one. Bad. And now you can keep it preserved for centuries to come. Future generations will say “What the hell is this crap? Didn’t they know of downloading? No wonder we have to live in oxygen-rich domes and must never step out into the acid air. Because of all the damn vinyl!”

    You summed it all up. This one is a masterpiece, through and through.

    ps: The New Radiohead song is brilliant. And that video is incredible, too.

    1. Haha, you’re so right. My Great-great-grandkids will be saying ‘If only he had some Rhianna, it’s worth 19.4mega creds these days’.

      This is a beauty, not expensive on discogs either btw.

      I grew up with the kids TV show those puppets are taken from, so I find it all really, really unnerving.

      1. I wanted to ask you about that. “Trumpton”? Very unnerving. You Brits do stop motion right, I tell ya.

        Guess I’m heading over to Discogs now.

  4. That is a wonderful question – how long does it take to properly process an album? Based on the sounds of it, your 2019 estimate may be ambitious, there may be too much to discover!
    This sounds right up my street, I’ll have to invest!

    1. It’s a goodie isn’t it? I think it depends entirely on the LP, there are some AC/DC albums I’ve processed almost before I’ve put them on the turntable! Others like this beauty are a bit more complex.

  5. Ohhhhhh I do love this album. I think I already wrote about it on the KMA and we agreed! That LP set looks gorgeous. I’ve seen it in the shops and been tempted, but then left it because I already had the CD and that money could go towards other things…

    This whole thing is just fantastic. Full agreement from here, what a group!

    1. You did. They’re such an interesting combo of people, the live stuff is a great watch too, they’re having so much fun.

      The LPs are gorgeous, I love Donwood’s art.

      1. I’m denying myself the pleasure of hearing the new one until the weekend, I’m a bit kinky that way.

        I’d love them to do a new one, but I suspect it will be a one-off, that has its own kind of beauty too.

      2. What new one, the radiohead? It’s out? I haven’t seen anything!

        Maybe AFP will do another, someday. I think the same thing about that amazing Killer be Killed album. Get four super-busy people together to make another album? No problem! Hahaha yeah right. But then, they managed to make the first one, so… hope springs eternal.

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