When I say I’m in love, you best believe I’m in love, L-U-V.

I’ve certainly fallen deep in L-U-V today, with a brand new (to me) band from London called Bad Guys, and their new LP, Bad Guynaecology.  As well as being the best titled album I’ve bought for years I have to report, ladies and gentlemen that this little beauty ROCKS with a righteous mix of hardcore-informed metal and a slightly unhealthy tinge of backwoods strangeism – you know those drooling hick cannibal moonshine-addicted murdering types you get in US horror movies? well they learned instruments.

Bad Guynaecology 01

Released on the ever-reliable Riot Season Records back in March this year Bad Guynaecology is an absolute belter.  From songs about stealing a Tonka truck from Toys-R-Us (sample lyric: You should have bought me the truck, you fuck!‘), ladies of the night getting jiggy on your front lawn, space doom and owning a motorhome – this basically covers all the weighty issues of the day that I want and expect my recording artistes to grapple with.  And how could I possibly resist an LP that describes its’ origins, thus:

Click to read properly.
Click to read properly.

Odin! Who could possibly resist an LP smelted by an irritable dwarf in an ancient forge, in space? Not me.

You want a taster? well check out the video to ‘Prostitutes’ below.  Warning: not for the faint-hearted, contains:

  • Man butt.
  • Twin-necked guitar rampage.
  • A number of simulated sex acts.
  • Man sick.
  • A Cat lapping at said man sick (hopefully this was done via CGI, but I rather fear not).
  • Harrowing scenes of the lead singer wearing a novelty apron in his kitchen.
  • A band member squashing a sandwich in his hand (oh yes! We’re taking this to the very edge!)

Over all this is a perfect taster, funny, a bit gross in places and if you read the lyrics, intelligent and a little sad.  This could have been made just for me, except it wasn’t and it is my solemn sworn duty to tell you all about it too.  Limited to 500 copies on vinyl, grab one because you need these guys in your life.

This album is an absolute blast, a real shot of grimy, scabrous joy.  Bad Guys make me think of the unholy pleasures of Poison Idea, Red Fang and my old faves, Ten Benson*, whilst remaining very much their own dudes.  In space.

Bad Guynaecology 02

554 Down (still)


*anyone remember them? Danger Of Deaf was a great album.

20 thoughts on “Bad Guydea

    1. Yes! Great band ‘Tits’, ‘Robot Tourist’, ‘Rock Cottage’ – every one a complete winner. You’re the first person I know who’s heard of them too.

      1. Hiss pretty much lived in the CD player for a good while. So much awesomeness on a single disc. I spotted a copy on Discogs not too long ago, too – safe to say it’s on the wantlist.

        … Raggedy Man. Yas!

  1. Love Skullet! Never heard that one before, but seen a few sported by my old rocker friends. Enjoyed this, and as I have prostitutes in my back garden, I can fully sympathise with the intent of this ballad. I will be letting the said prostitutes go soon, so if anyone wants one…

  2. Stuff like this kind of pisses me off. How did these four weirdos manage to find each other but I’m still alone with an acoustic guitar and no one to share my screwed up songs with! Maybe I should move to England?

  3. That’s awesome when you can still get a buzz off of a new band…..that vid is funny as hell the music I can hear some Monster Truck in them. The dude singer sports a real mean looking skullet!

    1. Skullet? wow, not heard that before but I reckon I just worked it out. You really can’t beat twin-necked guitars either. One of the Bad Guys is Canadian too.

      1. So guess i should explain….when old rocker guys lose there mullets and theres a wee bit of forehead showing hence the term Skullet!

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