And last night I saw a naked cowgirl.
She was floatin’ across the ceiling.
She was mumblin to some howlin’ wolf
about some voodoo healin’.

I know I’ve been a little sparse recently and I’m sorry, I do appreciate that if you don’t hear from me every 48 hours you get a little empty feeling at the back of your soul that you just can’t shake, no matter what excesses and debauchery you stoop to in order to assuage your mortal feelings.  Basically it’s down to a nasty combo of Wi-Fi problems and the ridiculous pace of life in the 1537 household recently – that real life thing has no right to interfere with my blogging as far as I’m concerned and whilst I’m not a violent man* I honestly couldn’t guarantee Wi-Fi’s safety if I ever stumbled across it in a dark alleyway.

Girlschool Hit And Run

BUT this morning at 6am I had the pleasure sorrow of waving off Mrs 1537 and the mini-1537s for a week away.  Which basically means that apart from two days at work next week I’m free to sate all my most despicable, depraved whims as long as my knees hold out.  It will be like the last days of Rome here this week.  The tales of late night air guitaring, drinking juice straight from the carton, wearing the same socks for 3 days straight and eating peanut butter with a spoon shall be legion.

Mothers Finest Iron Age

In fact come round and we can party like the hell-bound beasts we are!  Obviously whilst making sure any records played are treated properly and returned to their correct place on the shelves in strict alphabetical then chronological order, there’s a strict no shoes rule in the front room, we’ll need to keep the volume down after 9 because otherwise it wouldn’t be fair on Gladys next door and I’ll expect you to stack the dishwasher carefully too – but otherwise let’s party like its 1899!**  In between it all, I intend to do a bit of blogging and float the 1537-onaught off the Sandbank of Idlenessosity on which it has run aground*^.

Party 01
Click to enlarge and make it all beautiful

To this end I found myself stocking up on the rock yesterday.  I snagged a copy of ZZ Top Recycler, which I used to own on cassette and don’t remember being as bad as everyone thought at the time; Mother’s Finest Iron Age which I’ve wanted since reading about it in a Kerrang! 100 Greatest metal LPs booklet 27 years ago; Girlschool Hit And Run on original red vinyl, classic Brit rock and an LP that I remember loving as a kid, Dire Straits.  Oh and a US Import 7″ white label, Mugstar Kabuki Skull / Goat Head.

Mugstar Kabuki Skull

I'm very proud of this one
I’m very proud of this one

So let’s set the controls for the heart of the sun and get this mutha airborne!

Say goodbye to the bad times
Now I’m free on my own
Hit and run (x12)

546 Down (still).


*at least not in between those little psychotic episodes I have (twitches uncontrollably).

**which if I don’t slow down my buying, it soon will be!

*^well, unless the weather’s decent, in which case I’ll go and do some mountains instead – but let’s gloss over this inconvenient truth for now.

20 thoughts on “Party At Mine

  1. Oh man, I’m two days late for the party! Is there any chips and salsa left? Oh and I called Gladys. She’s OK if you make noise til 9:30, but not a moment later, and only if you bring a six of beer over for her.

    I both envy you your time off, free to be in your house as you see fit for a few days. But I also do not envy you the time away from your lovely family. On our (recent) Taranna trip, my lovely wife and I were away from the kids for two days, and all we did was talk about them. I can’t imagine a week!

    That Dire Straits pic is beautiful.

    1. Sorry, keg has just run out! Week going fine so far but I’m back at work, so distracted. And thank you, I’m quite proud of that one.

  2. I’m hopping the next jumbo over to the Isle of Wight for some middle-aged partying(not too crazy, though…and I need to be in bed by 8pm or I’ll be a bear.)

    Enjoy the solitude. Make some blanket forts and watch lousy horror movies from the 80s(something based on HP Lovecraft would be great.) And Girlschool? Nice. Whenever I think of them I always confuse them with Britney Fox and I don’t know why. And I had completely forgotten about Recycler. After looking it up I do remember the song “My Heads In Mississippi”. I recently listened to the Marc Maron WTF Podcast where he interviewed Billy Gibbons. Very insightful interview.

    Carry On My Wayward Son.

    1. You’re welcome to come and pull up a cushion.

      Britny Fox had a track called ‘Girlschool’ – it’s, umm, of its time:


      Whereas Girlschool, had far fewer frills – they hung with Motörhead and my uncle said they were one of the best bands he ever saw live (and he saw ’em all back then) – this is one of my fave rockers EVER!!


      1. Nice. Maybe it was the “Girlschool” song that confused me. Britney Fox were definitely a second tier Cinderella.

        If your uncle says they were that good, then I need to pay attention. I shall enjoy digging in. And have a pint ready for me, will ya?

  3. Thank heavens for the rule of vinyl-buying (Clause 36D) that allows purchasing of the debut album by even the most boring of commercial artists. (Actually I don’t mind the occasional wander into the Straits.)

    Party on!

    1. Funnily enough I loved DS when I was a young teenager, never mind all that angry, sweaty stuff – I just wanted laid backedness.

      It’s the first I’ve bought (I just used to copy my dad’s tapes) and bits of it really do stand the test of time.

      I am claiming immunity under 36D though; subsection 1 (a)(i – iii).

      1. Fair enough too. Getting laid(back) is central to teenage-hood. And I confess, with neither snakiness nor nudge-nudge wink-wink-edness, that I love ‘Tunnel of Love’ from Communuique (I think).

      1. That’s a nice price right there! I spotted a copy at a record fair a few months back, but it was £8. I was tempted, but figured I could snap it up cheaper at some point. £8, though – can you believe that?

  4. Enjoy your solo tour. Life can get real busy for sure! I’m actually reviewing Recycler and trying to get it done! Burger Man anyone?
    Cool throwback to a long past memeory(what’s left of it ) with that Girlschool album cover I bought Hit and Run on cassette as that cover sold to me right away as a 16 year old!
    Enjoy the Peanut Butter but do,change the socks!

    1. Thanks fella! Recycler definitely merits another good listen, especially when I found it for £4. The Girlschool is great too, not the world’s most subtle, but hell neither am I.

      Am currently eating chips and watching ‘American Graffiti’ for the 900th time!

      1. You actually diving in and watching American Graffiti suggests we’re in for a productive week!! In the VotF case, that would imply task-focused energy, as opposed to the bad omen that would be those same chips but with remote in hand and endless clicking, clicking, clicking without settling. Preemptive kudos then on the soon-to-be legendary 1537 epic period!!

      2. My middle name is Task-Focused Energy!

        I thoroughly loved every second of it too, it’s profound; we are, in our own way, chasing our own mysterious blonde in a 1956 Ford Thunderbird.

        It’s ‘The Sting’ tonight – for only the 400th time though!

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