1537 vs. Sgt Pepper: The Full Unabridged, Unexpurgated Review

Beatles Sgt Pepper 01

My beloved Sgt Pepper mill
My beloved Sgt Pepper mill

Beatles Sgt Pepper 04

Beatles Sgt Pepper 02

Beatles Sgt Pepper 06


Lego in the sky with diamonds
Lego in the sky with diamonds

Beatles Sgt Pepper 05


422 Down.

33 thoughts on “1537 vs. Sgt Pepper: The Full Unabridged, Unexpurgated Review

  1. 1537 – the impressive conciseness of your review here inspired my New York Dolls review today, I included a link as a token of my thanks – much appreciated!

  2. Excellent. I’d have to say though that over the last 35 years of being a Beatles lover Abbey Road has sunk on my list of my favorite Fab Four records. Revolver, Sgt. Pepper, White Album would be my top three. While I do love Abbey Road over the years its become sort of this “well we’re done so lets do one more for the kind folks” sort of record for me. Some great tunes, for sure. But I prefer prime Beatles. The Beatles with that fire in their belly still, needing to prove that they’re more than teen girl fodder. Revolver, to my ears, is the leanest, tightest, and the most “F**k you” they ever were. I still get chills listening to it. And ‘Sgt. Pepper’? It’s pop magnificence. It’s them opening their eyes to the genius producing them and pushing the faders up and down behind the soundboard. Melding their childhood influences with their rock and roll ones.

    You may now throw the rotten tomatoes.

      1. Yup and I also run it past a special 1537 editorial focus group, to see if I’m hitting the right tone with the right demographics out there. Quite often I get Desmond Child, or Jim Steinman in to punch up the chorus a bit too.

      2. That’s why I can’t book him! I’m just aiming for a Hate myself for loving you / Poison / everything else you hummed along to on the radio in 1989 – vibe.

    1. Shhh! I live near Liverpool, I could get burned at the stake just by association with your comment. I’m not doing Abbey Road until they bring out a cool household object using its’ name – The Abbey Road Atlas, or maybe just a Flabby Toad garden ornament?

      1. Honestly I know it’s “the classic” but I don’t even rate Sgt Pepper in my top 3.

        Abbey, White, Revolver. That’s my top 3 in that order.

      2. I’ve always enjoyed the line “I’m sorry but I didn’t have time to make it shorter” – so I’m glad you’re a believer in the editing process!

      3. Like the Simpsons where Homer gained weight/wore a Mumu & had that bird typing for him. When he realized “Y” would suffice for “Yes”, I just tripled my productivity!

      1. Nooooo! This is a bit like arguing over whether you want a ton of diamonds, or a ton of rubies for your birthday though!

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