Ding A Ding Dang My Dang A Long Ling Long

Ministry Jesus Built 02

Soon I discovered that this rock thing was true
Jerry Lee Lewis was the devil
Jesus was an architect previous to his career as a prophet
All of a sudden, I found myself in love with the world
So there was only one thing that I could do
Was ding a ding dang my dang a long ling long

Oh yes, time for a blast from my favourite purveyors of refined good taste and decorum.  Ministry Jesus Built My Hotrod is just about as good as loud music gets and one of the best 12″s I have ever bought, probably one of the best 12″s anyone has ever bought.

Just in case anyone was worried about not having quite enough hyperactive gonzo freako sleazoids in the studio during the recording they roped in Butthole Surfers mainman Gibby Haynes, got him drunk and let him go.  The result just proves that gibberish is very close to genius.  You don’t need in-depth analysis here, just blast the thing and luxuriate in the manic craziness and dig the samples from Blue Velvet and Wise Blood (‘no man with a good car needs to be justified’).

Ministry Jesus Built 01

B-side is the wonderfully titled ‘Jesus Built My Hotrod (Short, pusillanimous, so-they-can-fit-more-commercials-on-the-radio Mix)’, which loses some of the atmosphere and also the slightly boring bit at the end of the main 8-minute ‘Redline/Whiteline Version’.  the other track is a good one too, ‘TV Song’ (later revamped as ‘TV II’ on Psalm 69*) which is more of a straight-ahead rock version of the tune and the most, umm, un-industrial I’ve heard from Ministry.

But enough me.  Just blast it! Blast it! It’ll clean out the space behind your eyes.

Ministry Jesus Built 03

327 Down.

*God I love that LP!

3 thoughts on “Ding A Ding Dang My Dang A Long Ling Long

  1. First copy of this single that I got in-store on CD, I bought for my friend Aaron. But not THE Aaron that you know from WordPress. Another Aaron.

    Umm that’s all I got. I’m sick with a cold. But get me talking on Canadian politics and whoah nelly.

    Speaking of which there’s a new Rob Ford video out FYI. In this one he’s drunk and cursing in Jamaican slang in a McDonalds or something.

    1. David Letterman described Rob Ford as ‘dignity resistant’, which pretty much nails it.

      You’d have thought he might want to lay low for a bit, let the dust settle, maybe have a dry January.

      1. Yeah clearly that plan didn’t work out for him. But they did a survey recently and the November election is too close to call — 50% of respondents say they would vote for him in November as long as he gets clean.

        And yes he’s running, he put his hat in the ring on day 1.

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