Bad Stuff / Good person


Bad Stuff is this:

Guns for hire 01

Good Person is this:

Guns for hire 02

No idea what on earth caused this to my 1983 shaped picture disc of AC/DC Guns For Hire (bought in 1990 for £15).  It’s never been exposed to water, or any other moisture.  It’s always been kept upright in a plastic sleeve. It’s never happened to any other of my picture discs at all. So I really cannot understand why the red ink has run like this.    I can only assume that at some point over the last 23 years I have inadvertently angered U-see-thru jealous God of the SPDs.  maybe I didn’t make the required ritual sacrifices in his name, mayhaps it was when I sold two latter-day Marillion ones when I was stony broke in 1991.  Who knows, U-see-thru’s vengeance is complete.

Yes, I know it’s still perfectly playable – I’ve just done it twice, but it’s not the point.  Instead of a perfectly formed AC/DC logo I have a splodged red mess.

How this makes me feel
How this makes me feel

The music? I rate the parent album, Flick of The Switch as near-enough my favourite Brian Johnson AC/DC LP and ‘Guns For Hire’ is as close to commercial as the LP gets, chock-full of Brian Johnson’s trademark, umm, single entendre,

I’m a smooth operator
A big dictator
Gonna mark you with my brand
My gun’s for hire
Shoot you with desire

I think of it as one of the weaker LP tracks.  The B-side ‘Landslide’ is much better in my book, almost thrash-fast tale of badness and derring-do, wrapped up with a stonking Angus Young guitar solo to boot.  It is a much more representative track.

Only this was never about the music… Curse you! U-see-thru !!

Guns for hire 04

261 Down.

P.S – What it should look like:



14 thoughts on “Bad Stuff / Good person

    1. The pants? you collect them?

      I know, I know – thanks Mike. I’m over the worst of it now, I’m down to only sobbing for 4 hours/day, apart from Sundays when I have more free time to mope.

      1. Holy crap on a cracker.

        Yeah didn’t mean to make you feel bad but that’s a shame man. At least maybe we could try to discover the reason for you, but I have never seen this with any record!

      2. (sobs, Tons of Sobs) actually, have just found out via the magic of Google Images that this seems to be a bit of a problem with this release.

        Ah well, guess I can’t give up working for a living just yet.

  1. Perhaps it was the same god who Macbeth got on the wrong side of.
    “…the multitudinous (AC/D)seas incarnadine, making the green one red”.
    So the seeping blood motif works rather well, don’t you think?

    1. Ha !! I feel better already. There’s even the more famous,

      ‘…or to take arms against a(CD) sea of troubles, and by opposing end them’.

      That’s a fun game to play – my personal favourite is putting the letter ‘R’ in front of the word ‘soul’ in any title – truly hours of fun for all the family !!

      1. It’s not voluntary, it’s just part of the condition.

        Try not to snicker to yourself next time you spy the Beatles LP that came before Revolver …

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