A Time Bomb Cruisin’ In A Killing Machine

Adrenalin OD 03
Heavy Metal Thunder, That’s My Mom!

My second ever punk LP* was Adrenalin O.D Cruising With Elvis In Bigfoot’s UFO which I bought in 1988 after a review I read quoted the lyrics from the track ‘Bulimic Food Fight’,

Had my best girl in a warm embrace

Looked into her eyes, threw up in her face

She licked her lips and fixed her hair

I said ‘Kiss me if you dare’…

at 16 that’s all I needed.  As the titles tell you we’re not in Seriousland anymore.  Need further evidence? check out ‘If This is Tuesday … This Must Be Walla Walla’, ‘Something About … Amy Carter’, or ‘My Mother can’t Drive!!’.  Musically it was WAY heavier than I was used to at the time, far faster, far thrashier, especially the likes of ‘Stew’ and ‘Swindel’, and I didn’t really know what to make of it then.

The bits that really stuck with me were, the genius that is ‘Theme From An imaginary Midget Western’ and the aforementioned, thrash-fest that is, ‘My Mother Can’t Drive’ (She’s a time bomb cruisin’ in a killing machine …. She drives like Richard Petty, even when she parks it).  They also add a mean punked up cover of Henry Mancini’s ‘Baby Elephant Walk’.

Funnily enough I hadn’t played this LP as a whole for about 20 years before tonight, although I’ve got my fave tracks MP3-ized (MP3-inated?) and it really stands up pretty well for me today.  Let’s face it thrashy, good time, punk has remained a favourite flavour for me ever since.  This isn’t music to change the world, but it can change your mood and that’s a start.  The only other thing I ever heard from Adrenalin O.D was the track ‘Your Kung-Fu is old and now you must Die’ from the Short Music For Short People compilationAnd I bought a paisley shirt because I thought the one that drummer, Dave Scott, was wearing in the back cover photo was WAY cool.

Adrenalin OD 01
The influential shirt

There’s nothing else to write.

202 Down.

The heroes of Tiny Town
The heroes of Tiny Town

(The sound isn’t the best, but you get the idea)

*after Never Mind The Bollocks ,which we all liked because of the swearing in ‘Bodies’.

13 thoughts on “A Time Bomb Cruisin’ In A Killing Machine

      1. Oh, snagged a NM copy of Kraftwerk’s Autobahn yesterday. Plus a brand new copy of Black Sabbath’s Vol. 4 in collector’s edition heavy duty clear vinyl. Good times had by all.

      2. You can’t go wrong with such classics, especially on clear vinyl. I love both records, although Mrs 1537 certainly doesn’t dig the ‘werk (as I’ve just decided we fans call them).

      3. My wife didn’t seem to mind “fun, fun, fun on the Autobahn” this morning with coffee. Trans-Europe Express is another story…

        The ‘werk rule.

  1. This and the Dead Milkmen? My first encounter with the surreal. Yeah that sounds too intellectual but just the idea of a song about Amy Carter expanded my mind (it was narrow and provincial). I had completely forgotten this. Thanks!

    1. Cool, no problems. Jimmy Carter used to come on fishing holidays to the village I grew up near – Nantgaredig (translation: kind stream, or pleasant waters). True story.

      1. Who have you not encountered? Ted Nugent? Captain Beefheart? Brigitte Nielsen? Thanks to you I’m a mere step or two from everyone well known. Lemmy was you’re godfather, right?

      2. Nope not encountered Mr Carter, I think my dad did once though. Or it may just be one of those family stories. I think there was an ex-ambassador who’d retired to the Towy Valley and he used to stay there. True story

        Having a friend who’s wife is a proper photographer keeps me one connection away from most famous people.

        I used to have a cat called Lemmy if that’s any help?

  2. “after Never Mind The Bollocks ,which we all liked because of the swearing in ‘Bodies’.”

    That’s awesome. I felt the same way when I heard Bodies! This is also why I loved the John Carpenter movie, Christine. I learned new curse words!

      1. I’ve seen swearing made into an art. Full Metal Jacket is one such example.

        This tune, Theme From An Imaginary Midget Western, is really interesting. There’s a bit in the middle that is so metal, it’s almost Iron Maiden. But I like it. It kicks.

      2. Couldn’t agree more – swearing & Midget Western; my fave swearing-as-ar is that scene in the first series of the Wire where all Jimmy or Bunk say is ‘fuck’…

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