Where We Were

Sorry just a quickie, I know 1537 is a retro gig but just like I have done once or twice this year (with the new Clutch and Endless Boogie LPs) I’ve got really excited about a new LP; and not just because it’s all glossy and made from extra-thick lovely vinyl.

This one is Where We Were by Greg Haines, a British-born but Berlin resident composer, who has apparently only turned to beats, synths and dub with this new LP.  It’s more than ambient, the tracks on Where We Were gently pulse and hum, build and climax to a variable array of gentle beats and analogue synth washes.  It’s all a very late-night-driving-through-the-industrial-bit-of-a-city experience.

It’s early doors yet but ‘The Intruder’ and ‘Habenero’ are real keepers for me.  I’ll bother you more about it later, but if you’d like to read a proper review, by a proper person then try here.

201 Down (still).

13 thoughts on “Where We Were

  1. Tangerine Dream…Klaus Dinger…synths…hello. I just picked up a vinyl copy of TDs Stratosfear today for $5. This must be a sign. I must look for all of the above mentioned.

    I think you fellows would dig Thieves Like Us’ Berlin Alex. Call it a hunch.


  2. Ha! Your review has flushed out a very long-term love of electronic music that began for me with Tangerine Dream’s epic ‘Zeit’. La Dusseldorf (1976) was the first post-jeu! album for Klaus Dinger. Can’t beat this description (not original, alas) “Like driving an empty autobahn at 3:00 am”.


    1. I’ve got ‘Zeit’, which always sounds to me like an amplified lava lamp. In a good way.

      I’ll check out la Dusseldorf tomorrow when I should be working!


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