I’m having a bit of a January sale here at 1537, tonight its 2 for the price of 1 on Thunder’s Love walked In.  At the risk of getting mired in power ballad land (turn left off the boulevard of broken dreams, carry on until you see the theatre of love and turn; if you pass the church of fallen idols, you’ve gone too far) I really like this track too, it still sounds pretty good to me in 2012.

Good heartfelt and really well sung track from a band I had seen a few times, supporting Aerosmith and on their own and a single which I already owned on thier debut LP, Backstreet Symphony*.  So when this track was released, as approximately the 8th single from the LP what did I do?  Did I go,

‘Ha! EMI, you manipulative faceless multi-national conglomerate, fie on you for exploiting the strangely, obsessive tendencies of young men everywhere and releasing yet another single from a really good LP! I’ll show you I’m not to be pushed around and I won’t buy a copy!’ ?

No, I rushed straight out and bought it on 10″ gatefold, white vinyl, 12″ Picture Disc and, probably, 7″ too **.  As always there were sops for us pathetic, snivelling fans – a demo track from their next LP called ‘Flawed to Perfection’ (rather good, sounded just like AC/DC’s ‘Jailbreak’), a live track and, whoo!, a gatefold sleeve.  One of the tracks here is a jokey interview called ‘World Problems: a Solution’, which was marginally funny, but not really earth shattering.

Lovely, lovely, lovely
Lovely, lovely, lovely

I hasten to add I don’t blame the band for all this, their job was to make as much money out of entertaining us as possible and I can’t even blame EMI, as much as an alcoholic can’t justifiably sling the blame at Strongbow or Bells.  This one was purely down to my collecting impulse – is this something certain people are born with, and others not? do most people just have too much going on in their lives to lie in bed waiting for a new record to come out?  You see, I got in on the ground floor with Thunder.  When I first saw them support Aerosmith, I was really disappointed it was going to be them and not someone cool I’d already heard of like Great White, or Britny Fox – Thunder were always an excellent live band by the way; but once I had heard them and their first single came out, I nabbed it and kept on collecting.  All my other favourites at the time had been going for donkeys years, I still can’t afford proper Pink Floyd, or Queen rarities and so this was, in my strange view, a chance to GET IT ALL!  I pretty much did at first too, I own 11 Thunder records (and probably a few singles), all of which were either their debut LP, or the singles from it.  I was exploiting myself, which when you think about it was a bit of an odd thing to do.  It wasn’t even as if I had much money either, very little at this point in fact.

I do have a bit of a thing for records on white vinyl though.  It all looks so clean and lovely and unspoilt – the beast still lives inside me, although as a wise man once sang about a certain record company,

Don’t judge a book just by the cover
Unless you cover just another
And blind acceptance is a sign
Of stupid fools who stand in line

All very true of course, but the joy of owning every version of a single!  10″s, Picture Discs, Gatefold covers, Poster packs, Coloured vinyl, versions with different B-sides, ones with free patches …. I’m afraid the beast still lives inside me, dormant, but still there.

34 Down.

* which I owned as an LP and a picture disc LP, of course.

** I haven’t got round to cataloguing my singles yet – that way madness lies.

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