1537 vs. 2012

Purely out of self-indulgence I thought I would hold a little end-of-year review.  Now, it may surprise you, but I bought a lot of LPs in 2012; good, bad, indifferent and classic.  I bought a lot of new stuff, filled in gaps, bought stuff because I liked the cover when I saw it in Probe Records and/or tried a classic or two.  The results were mixed.

In years to come I have no doubt that the 1537 awards will be held in a plush hotel somewhere in London or Tokyo full of aspiring celebs and media-types, but to get there you have to begin somewhere and so here we all are.

The Top 5 best LPs of 2012 that I bought are:

1. Ufomammut:  Oro: Opus Primum

2. Richard Hawley – Standing at Sky’s Edge

3. Fu Manchu – California Crossing Demos

4. Mark Lanegan – Blues Funeral

5. MFC Chicken – Music For Chicken


The award for ‘LP bought solely for gratuitous chewing gum on boob cover’ goes to:

1. Scorpions – Love Drive


The highly coveted award for Top 3 most disappointing LPs bought in 2012 are:

1. Smoke Fairies – Blood Speaks

2. White Hills – Frying on This Rock

3. Tame Impala – Lonerism                               (Don’t believe the hype! it’s pants)


The Top 3 old LPs discovered by me this year are:

1. Tangerine Dream – Phaedra

2. The Beat – I Just Can’t Stop it

3. Talk Talk – Spirit of Eden

Anyone out there agree/disagree?  I was thinking about getting Billy Crystal in as presenter next year…

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