A bit of a different one for me this time. All the other ones I looked at previously did mean something to me, so I thought I would randomly pick something that didn’t. I bought this LP at a time in my life when I was pretty disengaged with a lot of things, I liked Placebo’s first LP (they reminded me a lot of my beloved Jane’s Addiction) and so I picked this one up. I had heard ‘Pure Morning’ and thought it was good and so bought Without You I am Nothing about 6 months after it came out. I didn’t like the cover though, it always struck me as sickly and unhealthy but not in a cool way – still does. I don’t have a single memory of playing this LP, I must have done so – I’d want my money’s worth without a doubt, but I can’t remember it at all.

I had seen Placebo a couple of times by then too and they were superb, really rocked out. This doesn’t. I know ‘Pure Morning’ was meant to be simplistic but its doggerel just sticks in my craw now. It verges on the cardinal rhyming sin of all rock bands the ever-to-be-dreaded Brain / Insane… ‘Brick Shithouse’ rocks in a good, but ultimatey unmemorable way and some of the other tracks on that side just sound like an ersatz Cure, not good. I’ve listened to the second side twice to write this but al I can remeber is the slightly warped ‘The Crawl’ at the beginning, the rest just get lost in the morass.

Look I know I was never really the target audience here, I was a married 27 yo when I bought this and as a 40 yo old fart now, I find the sheer whiney adolesent nature of it bordering on unbearable. Its not the words, its just the tone and the indistinct production, it all sounds like ‘nah, nah, you don’t understand me and my black nail polish’. I can revel in adolescent adrenaldin but this … dear, oh dear. If this LP were my child I’d give it Sister Sledge and AC/DC records to listen to and encourage it to take up a sport.

I know Placebo are supposed to have done good stuff since, but this is where I lost interest and don’t get me started on all that tiresome is he / isn’t he nonsense about Brian Molko; he really could play though.

What a negative beastie I am!

5 Down.

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