Back from my holidays in the land of Jarre, Air, the Limiñanas and Daft Punk.

I like the way that I made this shot look like an old postcard purely through the medium of rubbish photography.

As usual I used my holiday as a bit of a headcleaner and didn’t take any music with me so the only tunes I heard were on Spotify in the car – which as the kids have got older is appallingly democratic*, so it is interesting the snippets of tunes that do pop into your head from time to time.  I had a bit of a moment paddling in the sea when I realised that I was tunelessly singing ‘Ocean Size’ by Jane’s Addiction to myself and a full day of being tormented by the riff from ‘Hello America’ without being able to place where it was from.

Foux Du Fafa
A cultural highlight of our trip. We can all agree on FOTC


Moi in this season’s beach-must-have Nothing’s Shocking tee.

I suppose I better go write some blooming stuff then.

867 Dans.

*moping along to Joy Division in 38 degrees heat amidst the stunning chateaus and vineyards of the Loire Valley anyone? blooming teenagers! I’m not big on democracy.

25 thoughts on “Foux Du Fafa

  1. I kid you not – a car beside me in the parking lot had a Flight of the Conchords bumper sticker today! I was tempted to wait for them / leave a note on the windshield to verbalize my approval but alas I did not.
    So I’ll be quite vocal here in approving of Foux de Fafa here!
    Et maintenant nous voyageons au supermarché!

  2. I got as far as headcleaner.

    Then wondered if you used q tips and alcohol or one of those generic headcleaner tapes. Although maybe you meant reel to reel. Either way, great to read from another tapehead. You are my favourite Welsh tapehead by a wide margin.

      1. Great!!! Now you make that comment. After the plaque is made and the royal family were to invite you to Buckingham Palace. Apparently Meghan was all flustered when she heard you were coming.
        Oh well. I guess Jimmy from Llanfairpwllgwyngyll it is.

  3. Well I haven’t had a holiday. Or felt warm in months. Or taken a break from music. So I’m about as cheery as a Vogon kicked out of a poetry festival…

    Until I watched Foux Da Fa Fa again. Now I’m as happy as a clam.

    Thank you 1537. Your healing powers know no borders.

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