Endless Boogie: Back in ’74 Lyrics

Since nobody else appears in the whole, wide, WWworld seems to be arsed enough to transcribe the lyrics from the highlight of Endless Boogie Vibe Killer LP, I’ve done it so you don’t have to.  As the song is spoken, I have written it just as Paul Major speaks it:

Yeah, I might be wounded now but let me tell you about when I was really wounded.
It was in St Louis back in 1974, there was this kite flying contest, and a new band called KISS was going to play there
It turns out theatre students went with us and the night before they shaved off their eyebrows because of David Bowie.
We make our way up to the stage, right up front and the acid’s kicking in.
20,000 people here, 457 kites, KISS on stage at the kite festival.
KISS did not bring their own kites, they were kiteless, carefree.
It was either spring or fall.

So they finished playing ‘Black Diamond’ and the music stopped and I looked around and everybody was pointing at me, girls were sticking out their tongues and a bottle flew and hit me in the head, somebody punched Wolf and this girl said ‘What’s with those dudes with no eyebrows?’
Yeah I saw KISS at a kite festival.
Webster College 1974.
I saw John Zorn put ice-cream into a trumpet but I saw KISS at a kite contest.
Brought to you by KSEH, St Louis’ Number 1 underground radio.
I didn’t have any kites of my own, I didn’t want anybody else’s kite either, I wanted to see KISS.

Listen, I’m wounded now so I cannot play guitar for you today but I was also wounded in 1974 when I saw KISS at a kite festival.  St Louis, Missouri. 

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  1. Forever in my mind is the phrase: “Yeah I saw Kiss at a Kite festival.” Somehow this sums up Kiss for me, even though they never brought their own kites, shame on them.

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