Well, I was going to do a brilliant, subtly nuanced review of Darkside Psychic*, full of amusing yet pithy observation and great research, but Fallout 4 happened to me yesterday.  Basically this means that I’m going to be spending a minimum of 14 hours/day when I’m not working/tending to my family’s every whim/eating/bathing** surviving the post-apocalyptic wasteland that is Boston and Massachusetts in the year 2277.  In fact, here I am:

Fallout 1537 02
What is the psychology behind me always playing female characters? oh, actually, I think I’d probably rather not know.

So my posting schedule has moved from ‘try and get a meaningful and insightful post done 3/4 times a week’, to ‘let’s just really strive to get that 50 word Slayer review finished by Christmas … or maybe Easter’.  Sorry, but I have people to save and mysteries to solve and if I keep playing it at my current rate I’ll be a real bad-ass by next Monday.

Fallout 1537 01

To any non-gamers out there, I’m sorry but this is my life now; in fact Fallout 4 literally is my life, the time when I’m not playing it will seem a bit like an unrealistic, clunky, slow-frame-rate first-person perspective version of Sims 3 set in the most boring universe imaginable.  Ah well.

Fallout 1537 03

To gamers out there, wowzer! Fallout 4 is incredible-looking, tough and lots of fun so far, although not without a real touch of emotion either.  As always from Bethesda games the sheer scale of the game world is simply awe-inspiring as is the overall design of the retro-futuristic world you get to run around in.  As always the 50s, early 60’s soundtrack is beautifully chosen and atmospheric, ‘The Wanderer’ never sounded so good as when you’re exploring the ruins of civilisation.  True story.

604 Down (still).

My cultural highlights
My cultural highlights

PS: Am really, really enjoying Eagles of Death Metal Zipper Down, supremely silly and rather rockin’.  And why have I never read any Nathanael West until now? brilliant writer.

*a brilliant, subtly nuanced LP, if you don’t know it.

**sleep is for wimps, obvs.

34 thoughts on “Fallout 1537

  1. Oh! New Eagles of Death Metal! I do enjoy their stuff a fair bit. Death By Sexy is my favourite – really good fun. In fact, I’m gonna listen to that today.

    I’m partial to a video game or two, but can’t indulge in the ol’ first person shooter shenanigans without a migraine and sickness. So naturally I avoid them. Actually owned Fallout 3, cause I needed it. But it killed me and it just didn’t work when switching view. Bah.

  2. The last video game I bought was probably in 1998. I’m an outsider when it comes to the gaming community. Games like Bioshock, Fallout, and (insert popular first-person shooter game here) are just too daunting for me. While I enjoy watching them being played and on an artistic level(graphics, story, music) I totally respect what goes into these games, I just don’t have the attention span to get lost in one of these worlds. I’m more of a Mario World kind of guy. I like running left or right, jumping, and smashing things. When I have to visit the troll witch in the radiation forest and do three tasks in order to locate the crystal key I get mad and just turn it off.

    But as far as you staying home from work and going full-on in this game, carry on!

    Personally, you kind of remind me of Milla Jovovich. I’m feeling really uneasy about that, too.

  3. I’m not a gamer, don’t own a console (or a TV, for that matter). So I am maybe not really understanding the fascination, but I fully support your entusiasm and enjoyment. Give ‘er!

  4. I play Diablo 2 and I much prefer the female characters. Maybe it’s something to do with my fondness for ladies with swords. Anyway, I’m about to finish the game with my assassin.

  5. You do have excellent hair! Your outfit is awesome too.

    I agree. My favorites are FPS although I wouldn’t care for that in real-world arenas. It’s all about the mutants! 🙂

  6. Awesome! Yes, sleep is for the weak…as long as you remember to eat now and then you should be ok.
    I got rid of my gaming system a while ago and have been thinking…hmm… 🙂

    1. Yes, I am an awesome flame-haired post-apocalyptic heroine!

      I love games like this which you can sink a bit of your self into and where the violence isn’t realistic, I’ve no time for real-world combat – but those mutant mole rats have got it coming!

  7. My buddy Kyle bought this yesterday and posted a “Goodbye” on Facebook. People asked where are you going? Nowhere. He’s spending the next 3 months on Fallout 4!

    My buddy Chris bought it too, but needs to buy a $300 video card before he can play it.

    1. Ouch! $300 is a lot of investment for a single game … but worth it in this case.

      Don’t tell anyone, but I took a day off work today on holiday, just to play it. My brain now hurts.

      1. Well he wants a new video card anyway. But he was SHOCKED that his wife is letting him buy it.

        A lot of peeps take the day off for gaming. I don’t blame them. Your work day would have been useless anyway.

      2. She clearly wants him out of the way, a bit like Mrs 1537 saying, ‘I see there’s a record fair on in Liverpool on Saturday’.

        At a friend’s school there’s a recognised phenomenon of ‘COD flu’ that marks kids’ absence the day after a game comes out!

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