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Next stop on my impromptu space week is a brilliant little graphic novel called Ministry Of Space.  Written by Warren Ellis, drawn by Chris Weston, coloured by Laura Martin and lettered by Michael Heisler, this 2005 creation gives us an alternate history.  Imagine a world where at the end of WW2 Britain nabbed those all-important German rocket scientists and alone dominated flight and ultimately space travel.  Britain landed on the moon first, Britain colonised mars and built fabulous space stations.

Ministry Of Space 01

Without spoiling things I’m a bit limited in what I can tell you, but Ellis has created a thoughtful, intriguing and highly feasible future here, which has been sumptuously realised through Weston’s peerless artwork – Ministry Of Space first caught my eye through his work on (now defunct) Brit hard rockers Tokyo Dragons Give Me The Fear, also from 2005 which I was forced to buy on evil silver disc.

This is a sly little graphic novel though, what Ellis shows us is a dominant Britain, a Great Britain with all its idealised pastoral views and strengths, but he shows us at what cost this was won too, the ways in which a powerful, unchallenged Britain might not have developed.   But I digress, you’ve come for the eye candy:

Ministry Of Space 02

Ministry Of Space 03

Ministry Of Space 04

Ministry Of Space 05

The moon landing
The moon landing

Ministry Of Space 08

Ministry Of Space 09 (2)
The Royal Space Force logo (souped up by me)

I simply can’t recommend this little beauty enough to y’all.

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