Braaaiiinns! Braaaiiinns!

I’m too tired to listen to anything and/or type fast enough tonight so I thought I’d hit you with a largely pictorial effort, again from the wacky world of the Munchkin card games my son and I play together.  For his birthday last week I bought him Muchkin Zombies, where you get to be a zombie and eat braaaiiinnns… braaaiiinnns …. braaaiiinnns

Munchkin Zombies 02

Munchkin Zombies 03

As always it’s a tonne of fun with some great cards brilliantly illustrated by John Kovalic.  I mean how apt …

Munchkin Zombies 01

Click to read these cards properly, it’s worth it:

You have to hand it to Steve Jackson Games, they’ve been making me happy since before I owned any LPs.  Wow.

564 Down (still).

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