Saturday Night Apocalypse

Well, Saturday evening apocalypse really.  Well Saturday evening and Munchkin Apocalypse to be precise.  My son and I started playing the Munchkin games about 5 years ago, to paraphrase their blurb, they give you all the fun of killing monsters and taking their treasures, without any of that boring role-playing stuff to get in the way.  As a long time dyed-in-the-wool role-player it was great to stumble across these games, they’re fast-moving very well worked-out and often laugh-out-loud hilarious.  Almost every single card is based around an awful pun / play on genre stereotypes and wonderfully illustrated by John Kovalic.

Saturday night chez-1537
Saturday night chez-1537

They took me straight back to the early 80’s when buying anything from Steve Jackson Games* was usually a sure-thing for a good time, Illuminati (still got that one), OGRE, Car Wars** and all the myriad expansion packs for it.  What set these games aside was the flashes of humour they showed in what could be, quite a po-faced hobby – me more so than anyone, don’t get me started on the Great Wandering Monster Falling-Out of 1983!!

Munchkin Game 01

There are a number of Munchkin games, all themed differently as well as the basic fantasy-themed one, Munchkin Fu, Munchkin Cthulhu, Star Munchkin etc some of which we’ve tried, but Munchkin Apocalypse is our favourite – basically the world’s ending, we’re all going to die, so let’s kill the monsters and loot their treasure!  It’s a conceptually complex thing.


So we fire up the Munchkin level-counter app on our ‘phones, I choose the sounds (I am a tyrant, there is no democracy here) and geek daddy and son get to play a very silly game together on the floor.  Long may it roll.

Munchkin Game 07

Munchkin Game 03

Munchkin Game 04

513 Down (still)

*usually in those little black plastic boxes.

**thousands of little cardboard pieces, great huge maps and game mechanics that taught me more about physics than any teacher ever managed since.

21 thoughts on “Saturday Night Apocalypse

    1. I’d say possibly a couple years too young for the humour and the gameplay. It is truly, truly great though – lots of silly (and occasionally quite racy) humour. I have no doubt you’d love it.

  1. I don’t know much about card games like this. We had a friend in Saskatoon who was right into this stuff, games from a company called Something Awful or something along that lines (I don’t know the actual name). We played one, it was alright.

    My son is showing interest in Pokemon cards – there’s a club at school. Is that the same thing? I honestly have no idea.

    1. I’m a fantasy nut, son of a fantasy nut, father to a fantasy nut. This is where we’re at.

      My son really liked all those Pokemon things, never quite got them myself.

  2. I had a few Saturday Night Apocalypse episodes myself! But that was due to beverage consumption(ahem)…in the old days!
    Good bonding Time with your son! My twin teenage girls hit 16 years young tomorrow and it was just like yesterday they were born!
    Good story…

    1. Wednesday night (when all the farmers came into town for the market) was apocalypse night where I grew up – I’ve seen several proper Wild West-style brawls.

      My lad is 15 – scary how fast it flies!

    1. Happy days – I still reach for the controls for the twin roof-mounted rocket launchers when someone cuts me up in traffic! And the oil dropper when someone gets too close.

  3. Car Wars! I loved poring over the rulebook of that. But I could never get my pals into it because we could never play a game where the cars stayed intact long enough to actually fight each other. Mad Max it was not.

    1. Cool! I loved that game, my mate Miles and I used to spend whole weekends playing it and losing oil slicks and mines down the back of the couch. We used real people’s names and had a Book Of The Dead where their name was inscribed after they got killed off – I saw all this as entirely normal. Girls wouldn’t happen for me for a couple of years yet …

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